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Stoner Says Thanks For the Write-Up

The Breakfast Bar Host Bill Stoner is highly apreciative for the recent article in SOUNDWAVES, the WSLR newsletter.  Very nice indeed.  Two minor correcttions though . . .I'm a Technologist not a Radiologist (that's an MD) and The Breakfast Bar is on FRIDAYS 7-9 am.  Here I'm pictured in my early days in radio (in a dramatized recreation). Programmers note that drinks WERE allowed in the studio. I guess everyone was so much more responsible back then.  (Thanks Francis)

The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 4/25/14

Steve and Lew, this week, welcome Sam Daley-Harris (left) on the the 20th anniversary of his book Reclaiming Our Democracy. He will share how the advocacy groups he founded have spurred global change in microfinance, child survival and climate change. Pete Tannen of the Sarasota ACLU will be in the studio to discuss the film The Revisionaries, which is about how Texas school officials rewrote history and science for textbooks. The film will be screened at Forgartyville on 4/29/14.

Thanks for Listening To Blues with the Velvet Hammer

Blues Before Sunrise - Leroy Carr | Two Roads - Steve Arvey | Downtown Blues - Frank Stokes | Mountain Dew - Ben Prestage | Stack O'Lees Blues - Mississippi John Hurt | Devil Got His Way - Damon Fowler | Rolling Mill Blues - Peg Leg Howell | A Thing For Ya Baby - Sidney James Wingfield | Mr. Johnson's Blues No. 2 - Lonnie Johnson | Ghosts of Mississippi Meet The Gods Of Africa - Joey Gilmore | Pony Blues - Charley Patton |


Come On, Feel The Noise

After the recent changes to the Sarasota County sound ordinance and the detrimental effects it is having on the livelihood of so many Sarasota musicians, music lovers of all kinds stormed the joint session of the City and County Commissions yesterday in an attempt to make their voices heard (and each one was above 65 decibals).

Spirit of Punk: "Death Disco"

Maternally Yours: Postpartum Psychosis

Join the Conversation on Tuesday April 22nd at 6pm ET, as Dana and Laura as we begin a series on Mothering with Mental Illness.

Sound Apothecary's After-Wanee Special

Sound Apothecary is hosted by the lovely Mercedes with a focus on JamBands, funk, blues, rock and other doses of musical pleasure...alternating Tuesdays 7-9p.

Tuesday April 22nd's program is a "After-Wanee Special" which Mercedes will feature most all the bands who played at Wanee...  Tune in from 7-9pm for the memories!!!

eBooks, audiobooks, self-publishing and more

This week's Have You Heard? features part III (finale) of our conversation with Chris Angermann of New Chapter Publisher, and the Florida Authors & Publishers Association.

Chris also writes neighborhood snapshots for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

Oh, yeah.  Hal and I begin Year 2 of HAVE YOU HEARD? on WSLR - WooHoo!

And it's National Poetry Month - do some rhyming...

Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Rowdy RoadDogRuss and Sven the Impaler are puttin' on the tights and going toe to toe in the squared circle. Ladies and Gentlemen, Are You Ready to Rumble? This is a lights out match, so the rules of SRQ Wrasslin', as defined by WSLR, do not apply. These giants of the community radio industry won't pull any punches as they battle for HotRodRock supremacy.

Florida Caribe, Tue., April 22, 9-10 a.m.

Cuba is a polarizing country. But there's one U.S.-based organization that seeks to merge the best of socialism with the best of capitalism. On our next show, we will talk to Eric Leenson, president of Sol Economics — 'Sol' stands for both 'Solidarity' and  'Responsible enterprise solutions' — in Berkeley, Cal. In January, Leenson took a Sol Economics delegation of U.S. entrepreneurs to Cuba.


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