Board and Programmers

Board Member

Alecia Harper
Board Member, Programming Committee Member, Newsletter Committee

Alecia worked in college radio as a deejay at WXYC  (UNC-Chapel Hill) for many years in the 80s and 90s, and developed a great love for music and community radio. A Tar Heel by birth, she's lived throughout the South, working at Duke Press, the Center for the Study of the American South, Harpeth Gallery of Nashville, and Vanderbilt University Creative Services. In the past few years, she has volunteered with the Columbia Museum of Art, Ft. Lauderdale Museum of Art, and Sarasota's Ringling Museum.

Capt. Wayne Genthner
Marketing Commitee Co-chair

Earns his living as a charter fishing and Eco-touring boat proprietor. His business interests include promoting environmentally sustainable practices with an emphasis on regional water quality enhancements. Wayne has been intimately involved with radio from the age of two, when he first heard his dad on the air.

David Beaton
Station Manager

Dave fell in love with radio when he was a board op in college.  He booked a punk club in Michigan, worked as a shipping clerk for Alligator Records in Chicago, deejayed at Phyllis's Musical Inn, owned and ran Leo's Lunch Room and started a video production company before moving to Florida to take care of his grandmother.  He taught film at Manatee Community College, co-founded Fogartyville Cafe in Bradenton and was a co-founder of WSLR.

Jason Boehk
Programming Committee Chair

Jason has a B.A. in History from Brown University (1991). His professional experience includes energy conservation auditing, environmental media production, and political campaign management.  A volunteer environmental health advocate, Boehk founded the Florida Alliance for Safe Foods, a grassroots advocacy organization that educates consumers on the hazards of genetically engineered foods.

Julie Morris

Julie Morris is the Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs at New College of Florida. She divides her time between general academic administration and work at the New College’s Environmental Studies Program, where she has coordinated and directed programs since 1981. Julie lives within walking distance of WSLR, and has been active in local community councils and advisory boards since the late 1970’s. She is married to Jono Miller, and they have a college-aged son, Corley.

Michele Demperio
Vice Chair & Events Committee Chair

Michele Demperio is originally from Savannah, Georgia where she earned a Communications degree from Atlantic University. Michele’s focus has been on event production and coordination.  Michele and her husband (Lumpy Tunes programmer Rob Demperio) came to Sarasota in 1996 and since then she has used her event production skills on behalf of many local non-profit organizations, including the Ringling Museum of Art Children’s festival, E-fest, and the Alta Vista Neighborhood Association.

Tom Walker
Chair & Marketing Committee Co-chair

Tom grew up in Durham, NC, graduated from Duke University, and since 1965 has been a computer professional. In 1986 he and his wife Cheryl formed their present company to teach classes, publish a newsletter and offer software, all concerning the measurement and performance of IBM mainframe operating systems. Tom is currently VP and acting President of the Florida Consumer Action Network and is Secretary of the Humanists of Florida Association. He leads a weekly Great Books discussion group and is a co-leader of the Manatee/Sarasota Nation Magazine Discussion Group.

Andrea Graddis
Annie Murphy

Happy to be included in Tracy Hostetler's From The Mountains & Beyond Show on Mondays from 4-6pm, Annie fills in one Monday a month.

Arlen Bensen & Have You Heard?

See the "about" page at Arlen's blog, "Libraries, Balance, Creating and Zen," ( for biographical background data, or check out Arlen's public profile on LinkedIn. I'm an Information Professional, artist, pirate, pauper, poet, etc. Humanizing stuff and considering community, culture, reading and people are our fortes at Have You Heard?

Beth "The Velvet" Hammer
Bill Ewell

Bill Stoner
Host of The Breakfast Bar Fridays 7 - 9 AM on WSLR

In the world of broadcasting I've  been called "one of those" and yes, I suppose it's true.   But how it came to be is quite understandable.  I grew up in the near cultural wilderness (back then) of South Dakota.  I stretched the limits of my radio usually late at night to pick up far-away stations (Chicago, Oklahoma City, Little Rock, Arkansas) to bring some rock and roll in to my life.   Some nights it didn't work, nothing came in.  I started to pester the local station to play some rock in the evening hours, after the old folks went to bed.

Billy Wetherington
Bob Connors
Bryan Osgood
Carol Rosenbaum
Dana King
Danny C
Dave Pedersen
Dave Wertman
David Beaton
David Smash
Dax Harris
DJ Cellus

DJ Moshi Moshi



Don Hall

Don Hall is the founder and Executive Director of Transition Sarasota. Previously, he worked for two years as the Education and Outreach Coordinator for Transition Colorado (now, the Local Food Shift Group), the first official Transition Initiative in North America and a statewide hub. Don holds a Master's in Environmental Leadership from Naropa University and is a certified Permaculture Designer and US Transition Trainer.

Don Thompson
Dr. Nik
Dr. Paul Firestone
Eve Plews
Francis Scherer
Frankie Mopar
Frankie Piniero
Fred Nowicki
Gary Inganamort
Gary O.
George Worthmore
Gerald Green
Haile Burke
Hawaii Bob
Ishmael Katz
James Hawkins
James Hawkins and Ishmael Katz

Tune in and listen to Ishmael and James play some great folk music.  If you want to contact us "on air", e-mail or call 941-954-8636 during our show.  We'd love to hear from you! 

Jawara Gordon
Jeff Lenz (aka Jethro)
Jennifer Walker
Jill Hoffman-Kowal
Joe Jacco
Joel Jaffe
Johannes Werner
John Haupt
John Osgood
Larry K

Laura Gilkey

Laura Gilkey has birthed two healthy ten pound babies at home in Sarasota, Florida, with the support of her family and her husband Michael and guided by the expert gentle care of Licensed Midwives. She serves on the Executive Board of Directors for the Healthy Start Coalition of Sarasota County and is the marketing director for Ina May Gaskin’s Safe Motherhood Quilt Project, intended to raise awareness about American maternal mortality.

Lew Lorini
Luke Rosebaro
Marco Ciceron
Maria Bruquetas

Mark Binder

Mark is one of the original programmers here at WSLR. He is also the "de facto" archivist for most of the live music events of WSLR, recording and archiving them in the studio so that programmers might feature portions of them on other shows.

Mark Zampella
Marty Fugate
Matt Dakan
Matt Rothschild

Programmer - Live Music Advocate - Jam Band Enthusiast

Mercedes was a DJ at WSLR in the infancy of the station with the Saturday Morning Carousel of Sound/ children's music program she hosted with her, then 5 year old, daughter by her side. She progressed into a Monday Morning Drive-Time program "The Breakfast Blend" which consisted heavily of folk and music born in the Pacific Northwest...   Now, after a 3- year sabbatical to write a book while discovering and exploring new music tastes Mercdes returns 2x a month Fridays 9-11 p.m. slot with a focus on JAMBands, SWAMP ROCK, BLUESROCK & FUNK....

Michael Stultz
Mike Finly
Mr. Bill
Mr. Boombastic
Mush Doctor
Normen Schindowski
Pam Marwede

I work as a freelance designer and painter.


Perette Cannady
Rachel Schaeffer
Radio Dave

Rich LaPenna
Rich LaPenna host of "aerial Boundries" the all inclusive guitar music show

originally from the borough of Conshohocken,  a one square mile town just minutes away from Philadelphia, Pa. Moved to Florida 1977 after a four year run in the USN.

Rob Demperio aka The Head Lump
Russ Yodice
Ryan Larranaga

Rayo Radio is an urban/contemporary program that brings a conscious approach to radio, with music of an eclectic genre and includes news in a wide array of topics in a segment called "information for the population" Rayo Radio also features local artists, activists, businesses and public figures in interviews with deep and relevant conversation as well as showcasing their involvement in the community.

Ryan Stanley
Salima Rael
Sean Green
Steve Lemke

Steve McAllister

Steve McAllister fulfills his ambition as a Renaissance Man through a variety of roles, both in activism and in arts. During a year of living without the use of money, he worked alongside Transition Sarasota to start the Common Wealth Time Bank, Sarasota’s first alternative currency, where he currently serves as Director of Operational Development (DOOD).

Steve Norris
The Tombraider
Tom Darby
Tracy Hostetler
Troy Nichols
Von Cloedt
Xela Brutus
Zane Plattor
Annie Murphy

Annie helps at the station on a part-time basis with office work and other "off air" tasks that keep this amazing Volunteer Powered, Community Radio Station going.

Halee Turner
Phyllis Hutchison