Gift Table

Any donation of $ 15 or more
Item # Item # Available
01 Ben & Jerry's Cone or Sundae - 9
02 Al Fahker Playing Cards -

Deck of "Al Fahker" travel playing cards, courtesy of Rocketman. 1888 Stickney Pt. Road, Sarasota. (941) 923-2096

03 5 Small Coffees at The Coffee Loft -

It’s more than a coffee shop, it’s a place to help change a community. We are a non-profit organization established for the purpose of community revitalization. All profits go towards our community and international humanitarian projects.

04 $5 Gift Certificate to the Waffle Stop -

The Waffle Stop has been serving the residents of Laurel Park in Sarasota for more than fifty years. Providing a cozy dining atmosphere adorned with Elvis Presley memorabilia, it specializes in breakfast dishes offering eggs any style with a selection of omelettes all day. The lunch menu is loaded with a number of different sandwiches including the Hunka Hunka Burger, tuna or chicken sandwiches, Reubens and the Ain't Nothing but a Hound Dog.  660 S Washington Blvd  Sarasota    (941) 952-0555

Any donation of $ 25 or more
Item # Item # Available
01 Floppy hats -

made from recycled plastic bags, lovingly handmade.

02 Al Fahker Tissue Box Holder -

Black Leatherette "Al Fahker" tissuebox holders from Rocketman.  1888 Sticknew Pt. Road, Sarasota. 941-923-2096. (4 available)

03 "Not to be Used for Bribing Politicians" Stamp -

Ben Cohen, founder of Ben & Jerry's, is at it again - raising awareness of the need to get money out of politics. Use this stamp on your money to help him spread the word.

04 Grateful Dead Pin -

Silver Grateful Dead wings.

05 Big T and the Tornadoes T-Shirt -

Black with red "WARNING" on front. (1 large)

06 Black Diamond Electric and Acoustic Guitar Strings -

Black Coated Nickel Wound Light Gauge (2 available) – Thanks to Sarasota Guitar Company, 4333 South Trail, Suite A, Sarasota.

07 Zen Pen -

08 Al Fahker Coaster set -

Leather Al Fahker coaster set.

09 BOOK: Collapse of Journalism -

The Collapse of Journalism and What Can be Done to Fix It by Robert McChesney and Victor Pickard. 

11 BOOK: Writings for a Democratic Society -

The Tom Hayden Reader.  Essays and speeches from Tom Hayden, outspoken advocate for civil rights, social justice, environmental protection and peace.

12 BOOK: Hardcore Troubadour -

The Life and Near Death of Steve Earle by Lauren St. John.  Paperback.

15 BOOK: Miles: The Autobiography -

Miles Davis with Quincy Troupe.

16 Rocketman Glass Jars -

Three Small glass jars with Rocketmade logos to hold your tiny trinkets!

17 Cafe Racer T shirt -

Any donation of $ 30 or more
Item # Item # Available
01 "Ace Music Lounge" T-Shirt -

Dance around in one of the hottest t-shirts in town! 

02 Gift Certificate to The Tea House -

$10 Gift Certificate to The Tea House. The Tea House is a modern day tea lounge. Premium loose leaf teas, tea ware, gifts, retail, tea bar café, and events. Pastries , Quiches , Gourmet Sandwiches & Decadent Desserts.  Located at 1869 Fruitville Road.



Rumba, Flamenco, Gypsy Swing, Blues

04 Woodlawn Fats CD -

Woodlawn Fats and his Worthles Bums of Rhythm:  songs of the criminal justice system

06 Blues CDs -

Choose from:

Howling Wolf "1951-1955"  Disc 1 of the The Chess Box Set.

Paul Cebar "Tomorrow Sound for Yes People"

Kid Red & 3D:  "Virtually Live at Checkpoint Charlie'

Blues Music from the Florida Folklife Collection.

Ben Harper "Both Sides of the Gun"

Ben Prestage "One Crow Murder" 

07 Fingerstyle CDs -

Choose from:

Tommy Emmanuel "The Mystery"

Richard Gilewitz "Synapse Collapse"

Richard Gilewitz "Thumbsing"

Richard Gilewitz "Voluntary Solitary"

Russell Donnellon "Is That So"

Russell Donnellon "Since You Asked"

Russell Donnellon "Chromangelica"

08 Local Music CDs -

Choose from:

Tony Tyler "Under the Lights"

Billi & Patti "LOVE and other 4 letter words"

CC Carter "Kill Your Television"

Greenhouse Effect "Cut Me Down"

James Hawkins "Betty"

James Hawkins "On the Plumb"

Richy Kicklighter "Moving Skies"

Large Mammal Band "Divine"

Noise Ordinance #2 - 38 local artists/acts performing original music

Tanya Radtke "Begin"

Sarasota Slim "Get Up, Get Down"

Ted Stevens "Exit Zero"

Spontaneous Habit

Swamp Donkie - Featuring "Big Daddy" Jay Tinsman & Other Crazy Critters

09 Jazz CDs -

Bob Albanese Trio w/ Ira Sullivan "One Way/Detour" - signed by artist

Peggy Stern "Estrella Trio"  Signed by the artist

Terry Plumeri "Blue and Green"

Salem/DePascale "Thread"

Katt Hefner & Stan Heffner "Over and Under Blues" - signed by the artist

Mat Maneri "Trinity"

Shankar "Nobody Told Me"

Shankar "M.R.C.S."

Oregon "Ecotopia"

10 Grateful Dead " Europe 1972 Vol. 2 - used 2 disc set -

Live in Europe 1972 Volume 2 used 2 disc set

11 Patti Smith CD -

Outside Society:  First single CD retrospective collection from Rock n Roll Hall of Fame inductee Patti Smith includes CD booklet with personal recollections of each song.

12 Jean P Jam "Keep Walking" CD -

13 Dead Related CDs -

Mark Karan "Walk Through the Fire" (2)

14 The Whiskey Gentry - cd -

Cd - Please Make Welcome

15 FOLK CDs -

Choose one of the following:

Christabel and the Jons "Love & Circumstances"

Antje Duvekot "The Near Demise of the High-Wire Dancer"

Sloan Wainwright "Life Goes Back"

Grant Livingston "Let Me Off the Leash"

Carla Ulbrich "Her Fabulous Debut"

Grant Peeples "It's Later Than you Think"

Dana Robinson "Avenue of the Saints"

Stephen Simmons "Drink Ring Jesus"

Stephen Simmons "Something in Between"

Two Man Gentleman Band "Great Calamaties"

Storyhill "Storyhill'

Woody Pines "Counting Alligators"

Roy Schneider "Road Side Turtle Rescue"


16 Word of Mouth Cafe - GulfGate -

TAKEN!  $10 Gift Certificate to the Word of Mouth Cafe in the heart of GulfGate.

17 Papa Giorgio's - $10 Gift Certificate -

Papa Giorgio's Restaurant $10 Gift Certificate, 7644 Lockwood Ridge Rd., Sarasota, FL  34243

18 Book: Spying On Democracy -

A look into Goverment Surveillance, Corporate Power, and Public Resistance.

Author: Heidi Boghosian

19 Record Vinyl Earrings -

Choose from music notes, on air or Jerry Garcia images.. Handcrafted on recycled vinyl records by WSLR volunteer Alyssa Martin.

20 96.5 WSLR Record Vinyl Earrings -

Handcrafted earrings made by WSLR volunteer Alyssa Martin.

Made with recycled record vinyl and the WSLR logo. 

21 $10 Gift Certificate Richard's Catering -

Treat yourself to delightful treat with Richard's Catering. You may have tried his food at a WSLR event! He is a regular at our station and his food is always a wonderful creation. 

22 $15 Gift Certificate to El Toro Bravo Restaurant -

Southwest Mexican Cuisine from El Toro Bravo, 2720 Stickney Point Rd, Sarasota.  941-924-0006.

23 Charlie's Steak and Hoagies -

$10 Gift Certificate to Charlie's Steak and Hoagies, 2854 Ringling Blvd, Sarasota.  941-366-2221


24 JFLO Boutique Certificate -

$15 Gift Certificate to JFLO Boutique, a full-service salon and boutique for club and casual.  For women and men.  Located at 79 S. Palm Avenue, Sarasota.  955-6170.

25 $10 Gift Certificate to Jessica's Stand -

Available 10/12/13

For market days Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we will have available the following new harvests:   

  • Bok Choy
  • Bibb Buttercrunch
  • Dandelion
  • Endive
  • Slicer Cucumbers (limited availability)

We will continue to have available:  

  • Arugula
  • Radishes
  • Basil
  • Sunflower Sprouts
  • Wheatgrass

26 ACDC T Shirt -

27 Hand Knit Hat -

28 WSLR Rockbottom Blues T shirt -

29 Rocketman T shirts -

Rocketman t shirts

Mens - Black

Womans - white

30 Local Black and White Artwork -

31 Pop's Performance Hat and T shirt -

Any donation of $ 35 or more
Item # Item # Available
03 The Rebirth of Cigars Cadet Cap -

Drew Estate:  'The Rebirth of Cigars Cadet Cap'. khaki, styled after old Latin American Militia

06 Taylor Guitar Shirt -

Large blue Taylor Guitar shirt.

07 Laramie Dean Package -

Laramie Dean 45, Blood Shot Records Promo Photo and Bumper Sticker.

08 Rocketman Polo -

Ladies M Light blue with Rocketman Logo.

09 DVDs -

Choose from the following DVDs:

1) The Blues Brothers

2) Beavis & Butthead - Troubled Youth, Feel Our Pain

3) The Last Samurai & Angry Fist

4) Rolling Stones Live at the Max

5) Jimmy Buffett - MiniMatinee #7

6)  This is Spinal Tap: Special Edition

7) Quadrophenia - A Way of Life

8) Tom Cruise: 2 Disc Widescreen Edition, The Last Samurai

9) True Stories:  A Rock Movie-Musical

10 BOOK: Static by Amy Goodman -

STATIC:  Government Liars, Media Cheerleaders, and the People Who Fight Back by Amy and David Goodman

11 BOOK: Facing the US Prison Problem -

Facing the US Prison Problem 2.3 Million Strong:  An Ex-Con's View of the Mistakes and Solutions by Shawn Griffin.

12 BOOK: Harrington Street -

Harrington Street by Jerry Garcia.  A chronicle of dubiously acquired personal history. 

13 Health and Nutrition Cd By Eve Plews -

Full Spectrum Health and Nutrition CD.  To educate, empower and help individuals who desire to create optimal health of body, mind and spirit through teaching, therapy and tools in a caring, supportive environment.

Any donation of $ 40 or more
Item # Item # Available
01 Grateful Dead Bead Necklace -

Colorful beaded necklaces wtih phrases familiar to Grateful Dead fans.  Choose from: Scarlet Begonia, bearley mueven, terrapin station, BEAR, KIND, Wavey, Dark Star, and Crispy.

02 WSLR "Radio for the People" T-Shirt -

View t-shirt on our Facebook Page -


03 WSLR Baseball Cap -

In Khaki or Light Tan.

04 Straight Razor Shave -

A traditional hot lather straight razor shave from Big E's Barber Shop.  Given in a vintage barber chair by Big E himself, who has over 20 years experience in the art of the Straight Razor Shave.  5620 Palmer Blvd.  SArasota.


06 Grateful Dead Road Trips CDs -

Choose one of the following:

April Fool's 88

Spectrum 4.6.82

Boston Music Hall 6.9.76

07 McCurdy's Comedy Club -

2 Tickets to McCurdy's Comedy Club.  Valid Wed, Thurs, Friday and Sunday.  Must be at least 18 years old.  Expires December 2013.

09 Cheetah Print Shell Earrings - Sarasota Shell Club -

Beautifully handcrafted Cheetah Print shell earrings made by The Sarasota Shell Club.

10 Silver Earrings -

11 Capokids/Capo Volto Mundo Capoiera Class -

Brazilian martial arts class for adults or children. Teaches respect, played to the beat of drums and is an amazing workout.

2 locations Sarasota and Lakewood Ranch

4672 McIntosh Ln, Sarasota

11534 Palmbrush Trail, Bradenton


12 2 Tickets Braden River Bluegrass and Pig Pickin Festival -

November 2nd at the Linger Lodge, Benefiting the American Cancer Society. Featuring - HWY 41 South, Flordia Bluegrass Express, Southern Express and Generations Bluegrass Band. Feast on a delious Pig Roast while dancing the day away! 

17 Janis Joplin 2 CD Deluxe Set -

The Pearl Sessions:  2 CDs plus recently discovered, unreleased studio outtakes & banter, original mono versions of album's singles, extensive liner notes and rare photography.

18 Jonathan Edwards Dual CD -

My 40 Favorite Songs

19 J.R.'s Old Packing House -

TAKEN! $20 Gift Certificate  J.R.'s Old Packing House Cafe, 987 Packinghouse Road, Sarasota, FL  3424

20 Papa Giorgio's - $20 Gift Certificate -


21 Ten Steps to a Personal Expressive Arts Practice - E-book -

E-book:  Ten Steps to a Personal Expressive Arts Practice.  Are you......

*curious about expressive arts?
*interested in bringing your creativity more consciously into your life?
*longing for an arts practice but not sure where to start?
*wishing for self-expression and needing ideas?
*looking for concrete guidance on your creative journey?
*wanting ways to sustain your expressive arts practice? 
*hoping for some creative guidance without making a major investment of resources?
"Ten Steps to a Personal Expressive Arts Practice" is designed to bring you a powerful and profound process in a simple and manageable way!

Any donation of $ 50 or more
Item # Item # Available
01 Ted Stevens Gift Bag -

Ted Stevens Band gift bag--T-shirt, shop rag, and CD

02 Deuce of Spades--DVD and silk screened shirt -

Deuce of Spades DVD and Silk Screened 'Hot Rod Rock' work shirt

03 Keeping the Melody Instructional DVD -

Keeping the Melody:  Making contemporary abstracts with inspiring materials and techniques--Instructional DVD by Bill Buchman

04 Art Is An Attitude Instructional DVD -

The Art of Drawing the Figure, Instructional DVD by Bill Buchman.

05 Zen Breakthrough DVD -

Figure Drawing Techniques Instructional DVD by Bill Buchman

09 Bill Buchman Instructional DVD -

Creative Breakout: The Art of Freedom + Art Is An Attitude: The Art of Drawing the Figure Instructional DVD by Bill Buchman.

10 Flying Dog Cafe -

$20 Gift Certificate to the newly renovated Flying Dog Cafe.


11 Simon's Coffee House -

TAKEN!!  $25 Gift certificate to Simon's Coffee House Sarasota 

12 Hollister Leather Gloves -

13 Yoga Class -

TAKEN! Yoga is the union of breath, body, mind, and soul. The practice comes in many forms. Yoga is suitable for anyone at all fitness levels. Not only will you build strength and flexibility, and also leave with a deeper sense of peace and relaxation.


15 2 Tickets - Beth McKee at Aces Music Lounge November 15th -

Beth McKee is a singer and songwriter who hails from Jackson, Mississippi, but grew up all over the American South. She plays piano, organ, and accordion as well. Her music is deeply influenced by and steeped in the region's rich musical heritage from blues and R&B to Cajun, rock & roll, zydeco, and soul. Her debut album, I'm That Way, was released in 2010.

16 2 Tickets - Victor Wainwright, December 6th at Aces Music Lounge -

Power-house blues, Memphis soul, and roots rock’n’roll. Featuring the high-octane boogie piano and big soul sounds of vocalist and blues man Victor Wainwright, backed by one of the tightest smokin’ bands on the scene; the WildRoots.

17 2 VIP PASSES "MEET AND GREET" Ben Prestage December 21st at Aces Music Lounge -


2 VIP PASSES to meet Ben Prestage at Aces Music Lounge on December 21st.

Ben Prestage - 2012 nominee for the Independent Music Awards

Ben Prestage - 2012 nominee for the Blues Music Awards

18 2 Tickets - The Red Elvises at Aces Lounge November 3rd -

The Red Elvises are a Russian-American band that performs funk-rock, surf, rockabilly, reggae, folk-rock and traditional Russian styles of music. They were founded in California in the mid-1990s and are based in Venice Beach. At Aces Music Lounge November 3rd.

20 2 Tickets - A Blues Lovers Weekend Package November 8-9 -

Friday 11/8 Albert Castiglia and Saturday 11/9 J.P. Soars at Aces Music Lounge


21 Organic Gyokuro Powder -

TAKEN! Donated by Haraki-Gordon Green Tea.  2 oz bottle makes 200 cups of tea.

22 Somagetics RejuvRoom Session -

The Somagetics RejuvRoom contains eight Energy Enhancement System computers that create a safe, powerful energetically clean and positive healing environment that closely resembles Schumann Resonance (the pulse of the earth and the frequency of Alpha brainwaves). 

Choose from:

One session in the EE Room

One session in the Migun Thermal Bed

One session on the BioMat

One session on the Hybrid Sauna Bed

23 Income Tax Preparation Gift Certificate -

This certificate entitles the bearer to free tax preparation of a federal, state and applicable city return.  This offer is good at any participating Liberty Tax Service location.  4123 Bee Ridge Road.  941-312-5652


24 Retro Rosie's & Cobweb's Unique Finds -

$25 Gift Certificate to Retro Rosie's and Cobweb's Unique Finds.  Vintage clothing and accessories.  817 Mantee Ave, East, Bradenton, FL  34208    941-708-0913.   Open tues-sat 10-4

25 Bark and Bath Pet Boutique - $25 Gift Certificate -

TAKEN! $25 Gift Certificate to Bark and Bath Pet Boutique, 2061 Siesta Dr., Sarasota    941-312-5233

26 Gift Certificate to Tavern on Main -

TAKEN! $20 Gift Certificate to Tavern on Main.

Tavern on Main was born of the ashes and bred of the bones of indie hub The Blue Owl.  Frank Segreti and his staff have transformed this intimate local spot into the finest Tap Line, consisting of 35+ interchanging offerings of local, national, and international Micro-brews, domestics and Imports.

27 Village Cafe -

TAKEN! $25 Gift Certificate to the Village Cafe in the heart of Siesta Key Village!

28 Bacon Town Records Package -

TAKEN! stainless steel b-town records license plate, Choose Your Poison's 12 lp "Crawl to Nothing", Choose Your Poison's "Laid to Waste" cd, Choose Your Poison's "Thrashed to Ribbons" 7" ep, Choose Your Poison "Party Zone" 7"ep, Murder-Suicide Pact's "Full Time" 7" ep, Osmanitikos's "Keep Fighting Oppressive Conditions" 7" ep, Remission's "Absolute Power" 7"ep, Filth Tribes's "War Crimes in Disguise" 7"ep, The Skids's "self titled" 7"ep.

29 DVD: Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary -
MUMIA: Long Distance Revolutionary 
FEATURES:  Cornel West, Angela Davis, Alice Walker, Tariq Ali, Michelle Alexander, Amy Goodman, Dick Gregory,  Dave Zirin, "Hurricane" Carter, among many others 
and including music from Eddie Vedder
Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary eschews Abu-Jamal's case in order to focus on the greater implications of his career as a journalist before, during, and after Death Row. But this DVD includes Manufacturing Guilt, an exclusive – and explosive – new short film on Abu-Jamal's case. A 25 minute distillation of the complex, convoluted, and ultimately corrupt case against Abu-Jamal, Manufacturing Guilt is unequivocal in its assertion of Abu-Jamal's innocence.
30 $25 Gift Certificate to Rocketman -

Express Your Style with Hemp Clothing, Wall Tapestries, and Headwear
from Our Sarasota, Florida, Rock n Roll - Reggae Shop

Our Rock & Roll Lifestyle shop provides everything you need to get your grove on. You'll find a wide variety of products from your favorite musical bands, as well as bags & clothing, incense, recreational items, wall tapestries, full line of top rated local & domestic blown glass, acrylic & metal pipes, hookahs & shisha, blunt wraps & papers, tobacco & rolling machines, body cleansers & supplements, body jewelry, purses, hemp wear, storage containers & stealthy diversion safes, zippo lighters and lots of items not "made in China…" and much more!! We can help you find the products that are right for you. Our new extended store hours are 9am – 10pm, 7 days a week.

31 $25 Gift Certificate to Lacy's Got It -

Lacy's Got It, 1744 8th Streeet, Sarasota.  941-366-0573.  Philly Cheese Steaks and Tropical Rainbow Salad.

Any donation of $ 60 or more
Item # Item # Available
01 Pass for Two to the Big Cat Habitat -

We are a non-profit safe haven for big cats, bears, and other animals in need. The Big Cat Habitat was founded by Kay Rosaire who has more than 30 years of experience working with and caring for exotic animals. Our goal is to educate the public by fostering appreciation for animals and stressing the importance of habitat preservation.

02 Necklace -

Chainmail Necklace designed by Lanni Cunningham.

08 2 Tickets - Venice Brews and Blues Festival -

Venice MainStreet and SunCoast Blues Society presents the first annual Venice Brews & Blues Festival.
Saturday November 16, 2013.

11am - 7pm 

Great local beers, local food vendors, and great blues in beautiful Historic Downtown Venice.

09 Triple Crown Haircut from The Buzz -
Two certificates for triple crown hair cuts, which include a hair cut, beer or other beverage, and a shoulder massage, at Buzzcuts Haircuts for men in Sarasota.  Location:  5045 Fruitville Road.  Open Tuesday-Saturday 10am-6pm. Courtney Swancey - Stylist.  941-371-BUZZ.  
10 Grateful Dead - Sunshine Dream 3 Disc set -

The most requested show in Grateful Dead history. Full concert on 3 cds Veneta, Oregon August 27 1972.

11 2 passes to the South Florida Museum & Bishop Planetarium -

TAKEN! 2 Complimentary passes to the South Florida Museum, the Parker Manatee Aquarium and the Bishop Planetarium. Allows the guest all day access to all three attractions in the museum.

Any donation of $ 75 or more
Item # Item # Available
03 Guitar Lesson -

One Hour guitar lesson with Ishmael Katz, one of the hosts of the Sunday Folk Show 11am-1pm.  Can teach guitar, mandolin, bass, ukelele or bass.

04 Hot Rod Rock Deluxe Super Swag Bag -

Three DVDs, Feather mask, Four CDs, VLV Promo posters #14 and #15, $10 gift certificate to Dutch Valley Restaurant, Temporary tattoos, Greatest Show Barnum and Bailey sticker, WWII vintage picture, Circus promo pictures, Wreckhouse Radio poster, Heavy Metal magazine, Hot Rod Rock shop rag, VLV #10 bandana, Hagerty tote bag. 

05 Mexican Wrestling Mask -

Official Los Straight Jackets Mexican Wrestling Mask and CD.

06 Piano Lesson -

One hour piano lesson donated by Russian concert pianist and world acclaimed Master Piano Teacher Eleanora Lvov.  No previous experience required - any age, any level.

07 Hand Painted Small Plate by Pam Marwede -

Blue/pink flower design.

Any donation of $ 96.50 or more
Item # Item # Available
01 Eminence Organic Facial -

TAKEN!  Facial (60 minutes) with Lily Volpert, Esthetician. Full Spectrum Health, 2106 Bispham Road, Sarasota.

02 Photograph of New York Yankee Stadium, 2001 -

Framed photograph of New York Yankee Stadium by professional photographer Sasha Gleyzer.

03 2 Tickets - Bradenton Blues Festival -

December 7, 2013

The Bradenton Blues Festival is an annual festival featuring a stellar team of top blues artists. Food, drink, art, and an array of vendors complement the live music to create an awesome experience. The festival kicks off on Saturday, December 7 at the Riverwalk overlooking the Manatee River.
Historic downtown Bradenton is a short drive from Sarasota, Tampa, and the sandy beaches of Anna Maria Island and Longboat.

04 2 Tickets -Florida Blues and Music Festival -

TAKEN! 2 Tickets to the Florida Blue Blues and Music Festival, Sarasota Fairgrounds -- October 26, 2013

05 Word of Mouth Cafe - Downtown Sarasota -

TAKEN! $50 Gift Certificate to Word of Mouth Cafe - Downtown Sarasota location

06 Hair Cut with Victor Leon -

TAKEN! 1 Haircut and Finish w/ Victor Leon.  Diane K Salon & Spa, 1642 Main Street, Downtown Sarasota.  (941) 953-6577

07 One Hour Personal Training -

For 20 years, the Balance Health + Fitness team of trainers and massage therapists have educated, coached and supported members of our community to achieve their health and wellness goals.

08 One Hour Massage -

One Hour Massage with Colin Fairweather.


11 El Lago Ranchero $50 Gift Certificate -

$50 Gift Certificate  to El Lago Ranchero - Mexican Southwestern Grill, 8126 Lakewood Main Street, Lakewood Ranch, FL  34202  941-907-9449

12 Ringling Museum Passes -

2 Member for a Day passes.  Include admission, 10% discount at Museum Store and Restaurants.  5401 Bay Shore Road.

13 Digital Photography Lesson -

One Hour Digital Photography Lesson with Donovan Evans.  Lesson can include one or two people on any of the following topics:  Beginning Photoshop, Lightroom, Apeture, IPhoto, Basic Camera Navigation, Photo Lighting, or Photo Techniques.  Donovan has over 20 years experience.


14 Metallic Print of Twinkle -

10" x 15" metallic print of local singer/songwriter Twinkle mounted on 2 ply board. View at

15 Skin Analysis -

Free Skin Analysis from Chakra's House.  Courtesy of Annette Hill.  Expires December 31, 2013.  Willow Oaks Shopping Center, 7210 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota.


16 Organic Facial -

TAKEN!   Organic Facial from Chakras House.  Courtesy of Ted and Chris Goldman.  Willow Oaks Shopping Center, 7210 S. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota.


17 Bike Tour of Historic Downtown -

TAKEN! Bike Tour of Historic Downtown.  Good for up to 6 persons.  This tour is approximately 7 miles and takes 2 hours.  Tour can be modified for riders with physical limitations.  Valid through December 2013.  

Sarasota Bike Tours -


18 Antique Stallion Statue -

19 Kroaky's Karaoke Rooms & Lounge -

$50 Gift Certificate to Kroaky's, 4400 South Tamiami Trail, Sarasota.   941-926-3434.

20 Full Spectrum Health Nutrition Class -

2hr Nutrition Class By Eve Plews; held once a month on Saturday from 10-12.  2106 Bispham Road, Sarasota, FL  941-952-1200

21 Hand Painted Ceramic Mug by Pam Marwede -

TAKEN! Fish motif.  To see samples, visit

22 Hand Painted Ceramic Mug by Pam Marwede -

swirls & geometric design - blues/green.


23 Ceramic Hand Painted Coffee Mug -

Food and Dishwasher Safe.

Beautifully hand crafted and painted by Pam Marwede.

24 Hand Painted Tall Mug by Pam Marwede -

Flower design.  pink/blue.

25 Metallic Print of Beth Marshall -

10" x 15" metallic print of local singer/songwriter Beth Marshall mounted on 2 ply board. View at

26 One Hour Massage w/ Annie Murphy -

A Florida licensed massage therapist with international certifications.1717 Second Street, Suite D, Sarasota, FL  34236,  941-544-6577



28 Two Tickets to ShowBoat at the Asolo -

Come aboard for a true classic of American Musical Theatre. Broadway's original masterpiece combines unforgettable songs, dazzling choreography, and a story that moves us with its humanity. Spanning the years from 1890 to 1927, Show Boat follows the lives, loves, and losses of a troupe of riverboat performers on the mighty Mississippi, while illuminating the racial and social changes that were shaping the country. Its timeless score contains some of the most beautiful and emotionally charged songs ever written for a musical, including "Ol' Man River," "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man" and "Make Believe." Don't miss this triumph of the American stage, playing through the holidays!

30 2 Tickets to Saturday Only at Riverhawk Festival -

November 9th at the Sertoma Ranch, Brooksville, FLorida

Saturday performers include Connor Christian and Southern Gothic, Della Mae, Caravan of Thieves, Searson and the Chris Knight Band.

For artist lineup, visit

31 Free Trade Area of the Americas Poster -

30" x 60" poster by the Beehive Collective.  Fun & Educational graphics poster, incredibly detailed.  If you've never seen their work, check it out here:

Any donation of $ 150 or more
Item # Item # Available
01 Guest Host your Favorite WSLR Music Program -

Want to come in and share some of your favorite music with our audience? This is your opportunity to program 2 hours of music on WSLR.

02 One hour Plumbing Service -

Service call and one hour of plumbing service donated by Pro Plumbing Works.  Limited to Sarasota only.

03 Balance Health and Fitness - 1hr personal training -

1 hour personal training session at Balance Health and Fitness, 423 North Lemon Avenue, Sarasota, FL  34236    941-365-6581

04 Michael's on East $75 Gift Certificate -

TAKEN! $75 Gift Certificate to one of Sarasota's Originals and Top Restaurants!

05 Glacier Bay Kitchen Faucet System -

Glacier Bay kitchen faucet system with a nickel finish.

06 Brick in WSLR's People Patio -

An 8" x 4" brick with three lines of engraved text.  Will be set in the courtyard at 525 Kumquat to show your support for the station.

$120 contribution only.

Any donation of $ 200 or more
Item # Item # Available
01 4 Hours Architectural Drafting -

4 hours of Architectural design/drafting/consultation - custom, residential project, for new construction, additions or alterations. Donated by Markitecture (941) 378-0804

02 Make Me a Better Student Program -

Five professionally recorded hypnosis sessions designed specifically to help students of all ages excel academically.   This five CD set covers the most common challenges which students face:  improving motivation, better class performance and note taking, overcoming procrastination, and turning in assignments on time, as well as helping students to perform better on important exams and raising self-confidence and self-esteem.  Students simply listen to one CD each night at bedtime. 

03 Benefit pass for one -

This pass entitles one person to access all WSLR events for one year,

04 Thanksgiving Bluegrass Fest at Sertoma Ranch -

A pair of tickets to the Thanksgiving Bluegrass Fest at the Sertoma Youth Ranch - November 28,29, 30!

Camping and Bluegrass!  Yee Ha! Come hang with us and enjoy our brand new 9000 square foot pavilion and the best Bluegrass in the country!  This historical show, now in its 34th year has a lot to offer with RV hookups, instrument workshops, and full youth programs.  Bring a covered dish on Thursday and join the old time tradition of dinner on the grounds .... Sertoma supplies the turkey!  Join us!  Tickets and info:  352-754-3082/ vending and band information:  863-984-8445

05 Two Senoritas $100 Gift Certificate -

TAKEN! $100 Gift Certificate to Two Senoritas, 1355 Main Street, Sarasota. FL  34236    941-366-1618


06 Steel Drum House Concert w/ Marco Ciceron -

Music of the World programmer Marco Ciceron will come to your home and share his music with you. 

Any donation of $ 250 or more
Item # Item # Available
01 Emery Air Conditioning - 1yr Service Contract -

Contract good for 1 air conditioniing unit, The maintenance service provides you AC with preventive care needed to keep it running at its peak. Emery Air checks amp draws, pressures, fans, motors, fuses, clear drain lines, and change of filters. This agreement does not cover the cost of replacment parts or refrigerant.

02 House Concert with Steve McAllister -

Steve McAllister, musician, author, host of the WSLR program Oikonomia and renaissance man will give an in-home private performance for you and your friends.  Must be in the Sarasota city limits.

03 Pair of Tickets to FEST 12 in Gainesville, FLorida -

4 Days of Music, 12 venues and over 300 bands!

FEST 12 – October 31, Nov 1-3

THE FEST is an independent multiple-day, multiple-venue underground music festival held annually in Gainesville, FL, with support from the fine folks at No Idea Records. This year THE FEST celebrates 12 years and with age comes growth. FEST 12 is doubling in days and taking over two cities for the first time. With FEST growing too large for Gainesville, FL to hold and the influx of attendees from all over the world coming to town a few days early in the past years we have decided to expand FEST 12 in Gainesville, FL to 4 days (Oct 31st, Nov 1st, 2nd, & 3rd 2013) and hosting a PRE-FEST with over 100 bands and five venues in neighboring Tampa, FL in their historic Ybor district (Oct 29th and 30th 2013).

Over 10,000 music lovers will converge on Florida to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and some of the best underground punk, hardcore, indie, and alt-country bands from all over the world.


06 Brick in WSLR's People Patio -

8" x 8" Brick with 6 lines of engraved text.  Will be installed in the courtyard at 525 Kumquat Court.

Any donation of $ 300 or more
Item # Item # Available
01 One Pair of Tickets to 2013 RiverHawk Music Festival -

4 days of music for the entire family at the Sertoma Youth Ranch in Brooksville, Florida.  November 7-10.  



More information available at:

Any donation of $ 365 or more
Item # Item # Available
01 Consultation with Eve Prang Plews, LNC -

Consultation is a two hour appointment for a full history taking and design of a nutritional and supplement program. That may involve suggestions for nutrients, herbs or homeopathics and includes a month of multi-vitamins and a homeopathic "Drainer". Full Spectrum Health, 2106 Bispham Road, Sarasota. (941) 952-1200


02 Consultation wtih Dr. Fred Harvey -

Dr. Harvey is a Board Certified Internist and Geriatrician. In addition to modern medical techniques, Dr. Harvey and his staff employ a variety of complementary health and wellness techniques including vitamin therapy, nutritional supplementation, herbal preparations, EDTA, chelation therapy, and others to provide a comprehensive, fully integrated treatment plan designed specifically for the needs of each individual. Suite #J, 3982 Bee Ridge Road, Sarasota, FL. (941) 929-9355

03 Benefit pass for two -

This pass entitles 2 people to access all WSLR benefit events for one year.

Any donation of $ 450 or more
Item # Item # Available
01 Pair of tickets to the Bear Creek Music and Arts Festival -

The Bear Creek Music & Arts Festival includes the legendary Roots crew,  Bootsy Collins and the Funk Unity Band, Ghost Owl, the new PGroove off-shoot, and the legendary trio of acts including Bernie Worrell Orchestra, George Porter Jr. and the Runnin’ Pardners and Lee Fields and the Expressions. This year’s festival goes down November 14-17 at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL.

Weekend passes include music, primitive camping & all fees and taxes for Friday November 15-Sunday, November 17. You must purchase a seperate Thursday ticket to enter on Thursday, November 14. 

Visit for full details.

02 Pair of Tickets for SUWANEE HULAWEEN -

1 Pair of tickets for SUWANNEE HULAWEEEN

The inaugural Suwannee Hulaween will take place October 31 – November 2, 2013 at Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park in Live Oak, FL. The three-day festival features music from an eclectic variety of artists from bluegrass and Americana to organic electronic and experimental rock including headliners The String Cheese Incident (3 nights), STS9, Big Gigantic, Emancipator, Conspirator, Steve Kimock & Friends, Eliot Lipp (live band & DJ set), Future Rock and more.


(Tickets are $220 each at the gate.)

Any donation of $ 500 or more
Item # Item # Available
01 1/2 Day Charter with Captain Wayne Genthner -

TAKEN!   Enjoy a 1/2 day of offshore or inshore fishing on the West Coast of Florida complements of Wolfmouth Charters.

02 Original Song Written by Ishmael Katz -

Local songwriter/musician Ishmael Katz will write and perform an original song for you. A great birthday or anniversary gift! Ishmael will meet with you to get information on the person you want the song written for, then he will write a song, perform it for you at the event, and give you a recording of the song.

03 Peaceful Reflections Painting -

"Peaceful Reflections" is an original acrylic painting by Crystal Christner. Painting is on hemp canvas, gallery wrapped, and depicts koi swimming in a pond with purple waterlilies.

04 An Original Song Written & Performed for YOU! -

Local songwriter/musician Ishmael Katz will write and perform an original song for you.  A great birthday or anniversary gift.  Ishmael will meet with you to get information on the person you want the songe written for, then he will write a song, perform if for you at the event, and give you a recording of the song.

05 Water Heater Installation -

Installation of water heater by Pro Plumbing Works. Must be replacement, 40 of 50 gallon gas or electric  and located in Sarasota County.

Any donation of $ 750 or more
Item # Item # Available
01 Cabin Rental in North Carolina Mountains -

TAKEN! Enjoy one week vacationing in North Carolina. Enjoy spectacular views of the beautiful Tusquittee Valley to and from this family-friendly retreat that is secluded, but not remote. It's easy to find, but really hard to leave. The property features many flowering trees and shrubs on over 500 feet of cascading Compass Creek. Relax in the front porch swing listening to the birds and rushing water, catch some sun in the meadow, or simply enjoy the crystal clear creek-fed pond just feet from the screened back porch. or

Any donation of $ 1000 or more
Item # Item # Available
01 Piano Concert -

Enjoy an elegant evening with world renowned Eleonora Lvov, an internationally acclaimed piano virtuoso.  A winner of many international competitions, she plays with incomparable passion and virtuosity the great romantic piano classics by Chopin, Liszt, Rachmaninov, Gershwin and others.  Ms. Lvov will entertain your guests at your choice of venue.