Music Programs by Genre


From the Mountains and Beyond - Mondays 4-6pm

With Tracy Hostetler, this show features folk, bluegrass and Americana music.

New & Blue Session - Wednesday 7-9pm

Featuring some of the most progressive bluegrass in the country.  If you like musicians such as Sam Bush, Nickel Creek, Infamous Stringdusters, Old Crow Medicine Show, Alison Krauss, Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Tony Rice, Kruger Brothers, Crooked Still, Mountain Heart, Bela Flek, Bryan Clark, Old School Freight Train, Keller Willams... and many more, you will enjoy two hours of well blended music and unique cover tunes, hosted by Gary.


Blues with the Velvet Hammer - Wednesday 4-6pm

With Beth Hammer.  this show features Beth "The Velvet Hammer," who brings local and national blues musicians into the studio for a little talk, a lot of great blues music.

The Blues Station - Tuesday 1-3am

Juke in the Back - Saturday 12pm

Matt the Cat presents the soul that came before rock n' roll: 1950s rhythm and blues.  Each week, this underrated and rollicking music plays on that old Rockola Jukebox in the back room.


Louisiana Gumbo Show - Sunday 7-9pm

With John Osgood, Louisiana based music--zydeco, jazz, blues, brass, roots rock, Mardi Gras, Indian and Funk.



De Mushdoctor's Caribbean Rhythms - Saturday 1-3pm

De Mushdoctor's aim and mission is to bring a lot more of the 'not-so-popular' Island music and artists to the forefront, rather than just the big Islands.  There are a lot of small island Artists that need to be heard, some reside right here in America.  Got to dig to find them. 

INI Radio - Saturday 9-11pm

A community-focused show playing music with roots in Africa.


Dirty IceCream Truck - Alt Friday 9-11 pm

Give Peace a Dance - Saturdays 7-9pm

With DJ Norman, the first hour is dedicated to soft ambient tune with a nice beat.  The second hour usually turns into the upbeat hour.  Electronic music which branches from Trance, Drum & Brass, Dschungle, House, up to Goa music.

Trance on the Porch - Friday 1-3 am


Lumpytunes! Definitely Difficult Listening - Tuesdays 11pm-1am
Hosted by art noise/experimental music aficionado
Rob Demperio aka "The Head Lump." 
Playing the bleeding edge of emerging experimental scene in Florida and beyond, as well as the classic noise that got them there. Interviews with 'live' music are featured. Regional live shows are promoted weekly. Tune-in and feel the burn.


Aerial Boundaries - Alt Tuesday 7-9pm

With Rich LaPenna, acoustic and eclectic guitar, including all guitar picking styles and genres.

Celtic Dew - Saturdays 7-9am

Dave Wertman plays new and traditional  music of the Celtic nations, plus Celtic poetry and events featuring Celtic culture.

Folk Alley - Thursday 12-2pm

Host Jim Blum collects the best in traditional and contemporary folk, Americana and roots music from the latest releases, classics, exclusive Folk Alley in-studio and live concert recordings.

From the Mountains and Beyond - Mondays 4-6pm

With Tracy Hostetler.  this show features folk, bluegrass and Americana music.

Hollerin' & Wallerin' - Monday 7-9am

Positive Friction - Fridays 12pm-2pm

Drawing from the eclectic rhythms and esoteric energy of multiple musical influences (mostly folk, rock and jazz), John Haupt shares the heartfelt magic and bountiful messages of peace, love and understanding through music. 

Sunday Morning Folk Show - Sundays 9-11am

With James Hawkins or Ishmael Katz.  Includes Bluegrass, Cajun, local and state-wide Florida Folk performers, singers/songwriters, Americana, Blues and, of course, great folk music. 

Americana Rock Sound Off - Mondays 9 to11pm

with Von


33 1/3 - Wednesday 12-2pm

Exploring the best of WSLR’s vinyl collection.

All Mixed Up - Sundays 3-5pm

New York City based Peter Bochan oversees a collage of great music and current-events sound bites.

Breakfast Bar-Friday 7-9AM

Hosted by Bill Stoner, will feature Americana-style music.  Over the past several decades Americana music has bcome more fragmented and tendency to hyper-catagorize genres is stonger than ever.  Americana music is an amalgamate of such alt-country, indie rock, blue grass/new grass, retro-pop and more.  This ain't no continental breakfast with stale donuts and a few toaster pastries.  This is a full-on spread of hot, fresh taste delights to get your Friday and your week-end off to a good start.

Complex Wafeforms - Friday 10am-12pm & Thursday 11pm-1a

Join host Mark Zampella every Friday at 10am (and then again at 1am early Friday) for jazz, world, prog, and ambient during this 2-hour sound odyssey.

Eclectic Blender-Thurs 7-9am

Your host Dave Pederson plays two hours of sensational sounds from a cross-section of genres including folk, blues, rock and roll, bluegrass, jazz, zydeco, OLd School Reggae, celtic, alt country and occasionally a touch of classical.

Friday Happy Hour - Friday 4-6pm

Gypsy meets Indigo - alt Wednesday 9-11pm

Hawaii Bob and Company- Alt Thurs 12-2pm

Hawaii bob and his sidekick "Blind Bob" provide themed music and off-kilter commentary pertainng to current events.

Hot Tea- Alt Wed 7-9am -With Brian Osgood, enjoy morning music, news and information.

Monday Night Mixtapes - Alt Monday 11pm-1am

New Music New College - saturday 11pm-3 am

Saturday Morning Cartoon Show:  Sat 11a-12pm

with Aaron and Joshua.  Two of the youngest DJ's on air~ bringing the audience a wide variety of music that "makes us smile".

Southern Sound Apothecary - Alt Friday 9-11pm

Strange Currency - Wednesday 1-3 am

Common Threads-Sun 9-11pm



Beats, Rythyms and Life Radio-Monday 11PM-1AM

Instead of defending and justifying what Hip-Hop music and culture is, D.J. Cellus showcases his prospective on this highly influential music and culture as we know it today through Funk, Soul, R &B and more.

Open A.I.R- Friday 11pm - 1am

Rock and Roll/Hip Hop genre mix with Matt and Jamiel.

Shizzle Show alt Wednesdays 11-1

Rayo Radio alt Wednesdays 11-1


Indie Files: Alt Thursdays 9-11pm

The best in indie music.  Recent offerings with occasional dips into indie history.

Alternative Reality - Tuesdays 9-11pm


Afro-Cuban Jazz Edition - Alt Tuesdays 10am-12pm

World Music with a Cuban twist , that's what Frankie Pineiro its all about .Radio with a musician point of view Bringing you the forbidden music of Cuba and the world

Bebop and Beyond - Saturday 5-7pm

Bebop and Beyond concentrates on music in the Jazz idiom, from the mid 1940's to present.  Each program features the original works of Bebop masters such as Charlie Parker, Miles Davis, Thelonious Monks, as well as recordings by the next generation of great musicians such as Horace Silver, Sonny Rollins, and John Coltrane.  Every week newer recordings by recently emerging artists such as Miguel Zenon, Joshua Redman, and Rudresh Mahanthappa are presented.

Daddee-o's Collectors Corner - Sunday 1-3pm

Daddee-o plays traditional and old time jazz of the 1920's, 30's, 40's, and beyond.

Adventures in Jazzland - Thursday 7-9pm

With Mike Finly.  This show is for lovers of all styles of jazz.  From big band to solo piano, classic jazz to avant garde, and all styles in between.


Indigenous in Music - Alt Saturdays 3-5pm

Enjoy two hours every other Sat with host Larry Knudsen, of the Ho-Chunk Nation, Black River Falls, WI.  He brings you a mix of Indigenous musicians from around the Western Hemisphere.  Enjoy a variety of rock, pop, country, flute, powwow, salsa, classical, house and electronica.



DooWop2Sou - Sunday 5-7pm

With Soul Man Jan, Nay Nassar, and Doowop Danny C.  "The Street Corner Serenade" is the doowop edition presented by Nay one week, and the "Memories" edition of doowop and groups is presented by Doowop Danny C, the following week.  Jan represents the "Soul Time" edition on each third week, then the guys take over the cycle again.

Groove Juice Special Sauce - Alt Tuesdays 12pm-2pm

Juke in the Back - Saturday 12pm-1pm

'Matt the Cat' presents the soul that came before rock n' roll:  1950's rhythm and blue.  Each week, this underrated and rollicking music plays on that old rockola jukebox, in the back.  


All Things Rock:  Mondays 12pm-2pm

Gary O brings you indie rock in the afternoon.

Alternative Reality, Tuesday 9-11pm

Ripper's Rarities:  Fridays 7-9pm

Discover and rediscover rare, live and studio tracks of the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Who, Tom Waits, Alice Cooper, Leonard Cohen, Tom Petty, Eric Clapton and many others, as well as many hidden gems on the great classic Rock albums of the past and present.

The Spirit of Punk:  Alt Thursday 11pm-1am

Jill Hoffman-Kowal will play music from Johnny Cash (a true punk in his day) to the Sex Pistols, primarily music from 1977-1984 will be featured.

Ted's Head: Thursdays 4-6pm

Ted's Head is a musical program of intensely diverse rock, with a twist of talk to make it interesting and in-studio jam sessions by the guests and host.

Yesterday's Dead Today:  Mondays 7-9pm

Host Mark Binder takes the date of each of his broadcasts and goes back in time for the best quality live Grateful Dead concert he has for that particular date, and plays as much as he can within the two-hour timeframe. Once a month or so he will extend the "Grateful Dead" envelope to a Grateful Dead "family" band, or a side trip by one or more of the band members, or even to a band influenced by either the Grateful Dead or one of the family bands or members.


Hot Rod Rock:  Tuesdays 4-6pm

With Sven and Stella.  A refreshing blast of pure Atomic Era and modern Rockabilly and indie rock.


FM in the AM with Mr. Bill:  Saturdays 3-7am

WSLR’s original overnight host, Mr. Bill, plays the music he likes and you love. Call in your request to this listener driven show at 941-954-8636.


Soul School Tuesdays 7-9am


A Love Supreme - Sunday 7-8pm

Wings of the Heart:  Sunday 8-9am

Music of the heart and soul, from Buddhist chanting to the Beatles, with inspiring poetry and stories to sweeten your morning.



Afro-Cuban Jazz Edition: Alt Tuesdays 10am-12pm

World Music with a Cuban twist , that's what Frankie Pineiro its all about .Radio with a musician point of view Bringing you the forbidden music of Cuba and the world.

Celtic Dew:  Saturdays 7-9am

Dave Wertman plays new and traditional music of the Celtic nations, plus Celtic poetry and events featuring Celtic culture.

Global Groove:   Thursdays 10am-12pm

Host Pam Marwede highlights new World Fusion and World Pop along with occasional traditional pieces from diverse musical folklore.  Energetic, uplifting and border-blurring sounds from every corner of the world. 

Global Village - Monday 1-3am

Music of the World:  Mondays 10am-12pm

Marco Ciceron features different kinds of music played throughout the world.

Vibrational Journeys:  Wednesdays 10am-12pm

With Perette Cannady A mix of musical styles from jazz to hip swaying Afro-Beats and chants, Latin and New Age.