Indigenous in Music with Larry Knudsen

Indigenous in Music with Larry Knudsen

Enjoy two hours of "Indigenous in Music with Larry Knudsen" of the Ho-Chunk Nation, heard live every Saturday at 3:00 to 5:00 EST 
Enjoy live interviews and a mix of new music from our Indigenous musicians from around the Western Hemisphere, a variety of rock, pop, country, flute, powwow, salsa, classical, house and electronica. Indigenous in Music is distributed on PRX and Pacifica Audio Port.  Muchas Gracias to SAY Magazine for featuring all of our guest's.

WSLR 96.5  Sarasota FL.
Saturday Afternoon 3 to 5 EST &

WLPR 89.1 Merriville IN
Monday at Mignight to 2am CST

KODK 90.7 Kodiak AL
Tuesdayat 10 to Midnight


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Enjoy live interviews and a mix of new music from our Indigenous musicians from around the Western Hemisphere, a variety of rock, pop, country, flute, powwow, salsa, classical, house and electronica.  Indigenous in Music is Distributed on PRX the Public Radio Exchange and Pacifica Audio Port.  A big Pini-Gigi (Thank you) to "SAY Magazine"  a international Indigenous magazine for giving Indigenous in Music and  WSLR  a mention and for featuring all of our musical guest's.


The Indigenous in Music Radio Show was developed to support indigenous musicians. After we did our research, we discovered that our indigenous musicians were not getting the exposure needed to get into the mainstream music scene.  Host Larry Knudsen, from the Ho – Chunk Nation started the Indigenous in Music Radio Show on WSLR 96.5 Sarasota, FL.


Is to develop and market our show to the radio stations across the states and Canada.  We will provide music and interviews to the general public. We will promote our indigenous musicians and entertainers. Both a host and producer, Larry values the diversity of cultural expression and traditions, fosters the preservation and advancement of diverse musical genres, creates a sense of welcoming and belonging, enhances the enjoyment of life, and celebrates community with great programming.


The Indigenous in Music Radio Show mission is to: develop, organize, promote and administer a comprehensive, coordinated music program. Provide music amd entertainment for the general public. 

Since the beginning in 2006, our past guests include: Leanne Goose Grupo Fantasma Stolen Identity The Delbert Anderson Trio, Thunderhand Joe, Ryan Little Eagle, Elastic Bond Adrian Southland Desiree Dorion, Tony Duncan, Ali Fontaine  Gary Small & the Coyote Bros., Steve Rushingwind, Sinuupa, Indian City, Stevie Salas, Etua Snowball, Janet Panic, Joseph Fire/Crow, Bruthers of Different Muthers, Janet PanicGabriel Ayala, Tito Gutierrez - Native Entertainment Magazine, Alex Foster, Don Amero, Shy-Anne Norvorak, Pricilla's Revenge, Myron Pyawasit of Smokeytown Drum Group, Night Shied, Upground, Sarah Hindsley, Jimmy Wolf, Elk Soldier, Bluedog, Darren Geffre, The Plateros, Jackie Bird, Tracy Bone, Shawn Michael Perry, Vernonica Johnny, Night Shield, Nosotros, Forth Yeer Freshman, Nortec Collective, Michael Bucher, Joanne Shenandoah, Midnite Express, Martha Redbone, Indigenous, Arlette Alcock and many more...

Say hello while were live, you can find us on Twitter at Indigenous in Music and on Facebook at Indigenous in Music - WSLR 96.5!  There are several ways to listen to us if your on the road or around the world, get the app for you phone or home, and search for Sarastota, and WSLR 96,5, or you can record our show on DAR.FM, search for WSLR and Indigenous in Music, we are on at 3:00/15:00 to 5:00/17:00 eastern.  

Our engineer is Trey Schlossman, our theme music is composed by Lenny Long. If you have any questions or would like to be a featured guest, feel free to contact me at


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Redbone and their hit Come and Get Your Love Host Larry Knudsen welcomes Thunderhand Joe, former drummer of Redbone to the Indigenous in Music Spotlight this Saturday at 4:00 eastern time.  Find out...