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Acoustic Waves Show

3 September 2019 General

HOWDY Campers! I hope all is well in your world? I am sorry for this late notice but it has been a very crazy weekend. The wife had me buy food, water and snacks for the Hurricane, THAT was a mistake. It was the first weekend of college football. DORIAN, who was that? ALL those snacks were history by the Auburn game and had to go out to get more for the Notre Dame game! On this week’s show in every set of music there will be a song or mention about “storms”! Natural storms, emotional storms and just weather in general. So I look forward to seeing you on the radio TOMORROW NIGHT! 7pm – 9pm!

I wanted to say as well that on my NEXT show I will have a “Live” guest in the studio. Local Irish, folksinger Kevin McGuire! Kevin has been singing in the area for a LONG time. So pull up a chair and listen in on September 18th at 7pm.