Author: Alecia Harper

No radio waves? No problem! Tune in to, you can hear us online while we are off the air while a new antenna is installed.

New music inspired by the 60s and your requests from the past month, all rolled into one

Tune in Wednesday mornings for Alecia and Gen X radio….

New music! Tune in, turn on, but don’t drop out of

Brand new Ty Segall, La Luz, Holy Hive, and a flashback to Mighty Baby from the 60s and Dukes of the Stratosphear of the 80s. More rockers and a heavier sound this show!

Gen X redux….. more Elephant 6 Collective

More new indie music in the vein of psych coming up Wednesday morning, and later on the

New music, and the show will go on despite Tropical Storm Elsa!

Gen X music radio show with 60s-influenced 80s and contemporary music…. Tune in 7 a.m. or listen later on archive. NEW MUSIC FROM DREAMTHING in the 2nd hour! Zombies, Cars, Shadowy Men, Chris Bell, Matt Berry, Velvet Underground, Liminanas, Shadow Show, Electric Looking Glass, Claypool Lennon D, KInks, request music for Gene Loves Jezebel, […]

Rise and shine with Alecia, listening to some psychedelic-inspired rock and indie on Wednesday morning, or later on the archice.

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