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It’s a Rock & Roll Show. Archived here:

Missed the show no worries . Listen to it at your convivence here: Back again. That always amazes me… Going to hit it hard the first hour, so warm up those sub amps. If all goes as planned got Trailer Park Mark and the Crystal Death Band coming in to play some songs around […]

Happy New Years Y’All ! Made it through 2019 with all my limbs so most grateful and looking forward to a killer 2020. Starting the show off with some “new” music I have been sitting on since Oct. 2019. . . After that will not fool myself or any of you, the show will go […]

Stella and Sven will be covering Big Willies Juke Joint this week. Doing what we think is our 7th annual Christmas show toghere. Hoping you will join us for two hours of Christmas music that doesn’t suck. We even found a Hanukkah song not done by Adam Sanders. In the spirt of the holidays there […]

HRR puts the XXX back into Xmas! Missed it? No worries listen at your leisure hear.

Back on the air Wednesday Dec. 18th 4-6 PM. This will be the annual XXX-Mas show . So this is a heads up . Next week will be doing a Santa impression besides putting the XXX back in Xmas. Anyone who has supported HotRodRock in the last nine years, by donating at a marathon & […]

[kc_row use_container=”yes” force=”no” column_align=”middle” video_mute=”no” _id=”732747″][kc_column width=”12/12″ video_mute=”no” _id=”628872″][kc_column_text _id=”614429″] Hanging with friends over the Thanksgiving holidays and killer fishing weather trumped planning a show this week. So doing my absolutely favorite show to put out . Bringing in a big box of 45’s and winging it for two hours. That’s it ! Lots of […]

Life got in the way of fun and ended up winging it. Here is the replay if you missed it. \The return of Road Dog Russ ! Six some years ago he joined HRR, and since moved on to WMNF to be part of the Fridays Bumpy Ride team (5-7 PM). Russ is coming […]

Prepare to be mystified ! I am actually glad all the Halloween shenanigans is over. Been listening to a lot of country of late and itching to share my earwig with you. Getting a lot of music via the HRR facebook page, and actual stuff showing up in the mail. Expecting a couple more cd’s […]

It is the annual Halloween show this week! Couple thank you’s to take care of first though. Asked for 10 people to call in support and 11 or you odd balls answered. It is so cool that others dig this music, Stay Sick my friends. Second want to thank Hawaii Bob & Company for letting […]

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