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This Wednesday we have one hour to let management know HotRodRock has a place on drive time radio. Your support shows there is a place for music from outside the norms of the L7 world. Your call is a call to action! Want more bands playing live on the air? Want more concert reports of […]

October means one thing at HotRodRock, HALLOWEEN MUSIC. Actually two things … There is also marathon every October . But that isn’t for two weeks ! So this week it is all about the greatest holiday ever, Halloween. Two hours of the music to get you in the spirit . Hispanic Heritage month is winding […]

Women ! Lots of women. Actually two hours of female artists. Management suggested programers be more inclusive of female artist. Careful what you ask for, momma always warned me. In pulling music for this show I ended up with over four hours of killer songs. The ground breakers from the first wave of rockabilly, the […]

[kc_row use_container=”yes” force=”no” column_align=”middle” video_mute=”no” _id=”496249″][kc_column width=”12/12″ video_mute=”no” _id=”741500″][kc_column_text] Fresh off our annual pilgrimage to the June Bug Ranch in Tenn. for the Muddy Roots Music Festival. Big thanks to Alecia host of Generation X (Wed. 7-9AM) for covering and putting together a great HRR. Got to see several of the bands she played at […]

Ok some of you asked and I heard. This week will have more doghouse bass in it. Cuts from the likes of the Chop Tops, Hammerlock, The Riptides, Two Tons of Steel… so lots of bands from the current rockabilly scene. Be plenty of classic psychobilly thrown in for the fun of it too. This […]

I not sure where HRR is going this week. Lots of events coming up so will try to hit on some of the bands playing them. Anybody see Cactus Jack wrestle at White Buffalo this past Sunday. Sarasota used to be a regular stop for the wrestling circuit. Think it is a Walgreens where the […]

No real write up this week. Expect lots of fuzzy guitars. [kc_row _id=\”421956\”][kc_column _id=\”753249\”][kc_column_text _id=\”578823\”]   [/kc_column_text][/kc_column][/kc_row]

30 June 2019 General Cow Punk, Alt. Country, Outlaw Country whatever you want to call it I will be playing it on HRR. Fourth of July this week and feelin’ like running with it. Got some new music from Matchstick Johny . I asked for and got some just released music . Check his stuff out […]

No prep show this week. So be hitting the 7″ers hard. Lots of new to me music and not a lot of time to preview … Did get the give away arranged though. A large box of cd’s just arrived from New West Records . So the first CD to go to a lucky listener […]

Breaking out the blow torches , plasma cutters, and sawzals for these cuts! Two hours of Rock & Roll that will melt your face off. I will be sitting in for Ted on Thursday and anxious to play some rock for you. Normally hear me (Sven)on Wednesdays 4-6 PM on HotRodRock. Saw Ted needed a […]

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