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On previous episodes of The Progressive Palace I focused on the “Canterbury”and “Symphonic” rock sub genres of Progressive music, and this week we’ll be listening to some of the more “folksier” music of the progressive rock genre. Borne from the folk movement of the early 60’s happening on both sides of the Atlantic, this “psych-folk” […]

This week on “The Progressive Palace”, I’ll be playing the classic LP by the group Nektar- “Remember the Future” in it’s entirety! The band’s first US release,1973 the album tells the story of blind child who communicates with an extraterrestrial being. While consisting of ten tracks, the album plays as one continuous song, and it’s […]

Howdy Folks- Be sure to tune in to “Common Threads” tonight, Oct 23 from 9-11 pm when I’ll be filling in for Fred! The thread for tonight’s will be “Favorite Artists”, and I have a great playlist with all my favorites set to go! ¬†New releases, classic rock, jazz, folk, amerciana-give me a call during […]

This week on The Progressive Palace¬†I’ll be highlighting “Symphonic rock”.¬†Since early in progressive¬†rock’s history, the term has been used sometimes to distinguish more classically influenced progressive rock from the more psychedelic and experimental offerings. Bands like the Moody Blues, Procol Harum, and Renaissance immediately come to mind, and we’ll be hearing live offerings from these […]

Join me this week when¬†The Progressive Palace¬†will be exploring the Canterbury Sound! Unforgettable melodies, whimsical lyrics, complicated harmonies, odd time signature with a touch of Jazz and Folk, and a wonderfully joyous groove! I’m your host, Phil Gee and I’ll trace the history of genre from it’s beginning in the latter part of the 1960’s […]

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