Divine Feminine Series

Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center [Sarasota]

Event info
Date: Tuesday, January 7, 2020
Time: 12:00 am
Location: Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center
Address: 525 Kumquat Court Sarasota

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

– 6:30pm


The Divine Feminine as Muse: Her Role in Shaping Culture.

Participants will perform creations inspired by the Divine Feminine.  Participants include:

Lynn Cat Neal – Reiki Master/Teacher.   Training in Angelic Light Body Healing and the Charismatic Healing Arts led to the creation of Angelic Light/Sound Healing known now as CHANTRA.   Neal will start the evening with a chant.

Zoe is a dreamy, enchanting songstress spinning lullabies and poetry; close your eyes and float along on clouds made of melodies.  She especially resonates with the Divine Feminine inside of each woman and love as quality inside all (women and men).

Alfredo Garcia – Garcia is a Mexican artist born in 1980 in Guerrero, Mexico.  His work reflect memories from childhood, as he recalls them – symbols and icons of the popular culture. His work is a search for spirituality which he enjoys as an artist and the art that is created through it.   He move to Florida in the early 2000s and opened a gallery in the Village of the Arts.

Isalia Luna Catalan.  Isalia was born and grew up in Mexico City.  She studied design and visual communication in the faculty of arts and design (UNAM) with a major in audiovisual production.

Angela Lorena Pena Solarte.  Born in the city of Popayan, Cauca in Columbia, Lorena received a fine arts degree from the Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia.  Solarte strongly identifies with the ways of feeling and building the world based on what is feminine; a women’s world view, which is reflected throughout her artwork.

Pamela Cassandra Mockosher is a Syrian/French Creole Artist raised in Sarasota.  Married to an Algerian husband, Ms. Mockosher has travelled internationally photographing women everywhere.  It is her respect of the divine feminine that has led to the body of her intriguing feminine portraits that speak to us with vivid color and depth of spirituality.

Nik Bland.  Born in Broward, Florida, Bland’s poetry relates to the love, pain, drive, power and passion of the women in his life have conveyed.  He dedicates this performance to his indomitable sister and his twin nieces.



The Divine Feminine Series  will continue on the 1st Tuesday of the Month  from November through April.

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