___HotRodRock___ 4-6 PM

Written by on December 28, 2020

HotRodRock 4-6 PM Wednesday 12/30

Missed it ? No worries here is the link to entire show in the eithers.: https://archive.wslr.org/mp3/wslr_201230_160000hotrodrock.mp3

Been almost a year since I did all record show. So I pulled out the 45’s and went to town.  Ran thru some labels offerings and a collection Dan Crawford gave me .  Show was done as if live. No overdubs or editing. Just me standing in front of a mic and two turntables. Playing music spanning 7 decades.  There is some surface noise, maybe a skip or two, and the levels may be off some.  So to say the least these are the shows I enjoy doing most of all. Two hours flew for me, hope it leaves you wanting more, ’cause that is what I will be dishing out til I can line up some guest DJ’s again.

Would like to thank the two new underwriters for HRR and WSLR.  P Mans Custom Motorcycle Paint and Cotton Mouth Southern Soul Kitchen,  Check them out and support our small businesses that get what WSLR means to our community.

Down at the bottom is this episodes movie:    The Giant Spider Invasion !    A black hole hits North Wisconsin and opens a door to other dimensions. Giant 15 meter spiders emerge from it, who have an appetite for human flesh! Dr. Jenny Langer and Dr. Vance from the NASA try to save the world.  Is the sheriff the Skipper?




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