HotRodRock 4-6 P.M. Wednesday 6/17/2020 The Fastest Two Hours On Radio!

Written by on June 15, 2020

Missed the show? No worries here is the archive of it :

First hour is another random play set. Had my headphones on while waiting for comcast to show up… Got an hour of songs that all can stand on their own, but the set does jump around the decades a bit. Blame it on Steve Jobs.

Second hour is a split. Been thinking a lot about what is taking place in America right now. This got me nostalgic for my punk days in the late 70’s early 80’s. Then saw meme about the one rule of the pit to clinch the deal on a half hour of punk rock protest songs. To finish up the show just got some music from Acetate Records out of Cali, so figure would feature some of the artists on that label. Promise to do a all record show soon , just need to sort out a grounding hum on one of the players.

Of local interest, Ted Stevens just rereleased a out of print record ” The Options”. To get it go to his FB page for details, look for live show #5. All proceeds will go into financing the making of a new CD.

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