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HotRodRock Needs You, You, and YOU ! 5-6 PM Wed. 10/23 One Hour Only

19 October 2019 General

This Wednesday we have one hour to let management know HotRodRock has a place on drive time radio. Your support shows there is a place for music from outside the norms of the L7 world. Your call is a call to action! Want more bands playing live on the air? Want more concert reports of shows not in the news paper? Want to hear more from people from our scene that are doing cool stuff? We can make that happen ! Your phone call or online pledge sends that message.

Online pledges here (be sure to mention HRR in the comment section) https://secure.lglforms.com/form_engine/s/Q4p7JKgr2j-PgdD-PFvx7A?fbclid=IwAR3SXv5_8lRThFIX1_-nR_LodsPAG_-96hn0zc-TJas7blS-pl0VJ-IPo8w

Phone (941) 894-6469

Everyone that pledges any amount will get a CD, a DVD, and some microwave popcorn mailed to them. CD’s are courtesy of Bloodshot Records, Double Crown Records, and New West Records. DVD’s are mostly B horror movies . Should have them delivered before Halloween if your local.

This is a HRR exclusive : Two hour Guest DJ slot for $96.50. Bring in your own music or we can supply what your want. Will record it and burn you a CD of the show. (This makes a great gift for your music lover )

There are other HRR exclusives . Check them out at the HotRodRock facebook page.

Nuff on all that ! Here is some vids I have been enjoying