Dirty Ice Cream Truck / Mind.Your.Business (Alternating Weeks)

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Dirty Ice Cream Truck, an eclectic mix of musical flavors, served extra smooth.   Hosted by Luke Rosebaro

Ryan & Dana will host Mind.Your.Business a 2-hour, music-focused talk-show on Alternating Weeks.


Mind. Your. Business. – Host Ryan Dirty Ice Cream Truck – Host Luke
Mind.Your.Business. is a 2-hour, bi-weekly, music-focused talk-show with a playlist spanning all conceivable genres – from 90s hip-hop anthems to Motown jams, Riot Grrrl punk to Elvis, Lullabies to Top 40 hits – there is something for everyone on Mind.Your.Business. Ryan weaves headline news, pop culture, and her own personal history into a dialogue that is relevant and relatable. We are radical, feminist, and f-ing hilarious. Just a Sarasota mom trying to navigate everyday life along with her playlists.

Tune into Dirty Ice Cream Truck and taste the fantastic variety of musical flavors that are served for your listening pleasure. With a wide variety of musical flavors ranging from soul, indie rock, pop, trip-hop, old school hip hop, funk, electronica, rock, psychedelic, and more.

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