Written by on Monday, March 20, 2017

Where else can you hear two hours of commercial free progressive rock music? Well, no where but on THE PROGRESSIVE PALACE!!

Sure, you can tune in to  a run of the mill so called “classic rock” station-if you don’t mind  hearing the same songs every time you listen and waiting thru endless commercials for the program director to tell the DJ what you want to hear next!

Or maybe you can tune to a classic rock station on satellite-but do they play music by Nektar? or Blue Mammoth ? or Spock’s Beard ?? Not likely….

Tune to the only show on the radio dedicated to bringing you the best in progressive rock music-modeled  after the great progressive rock radio channels of the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, where this week you will hear all the above, plus Procol Harum,Pink Floyd , 10cc, Gentle Giant, Steve Hackett, Caravan and a whole lot more!!

Your Host

Phil Gee

p.s. Don’t forget the WSLR Spring Membership drive starts Wednesday, March 22! But you don’t have to wait-just call 941 954-8636 or 894-6469 now and make your pledge to keep The Progressive Palace on the air!!

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