Tune in Tues. 9 a.m: The Waterkeepers

Written by on Monday, June 3, 2019

Next week’s guest is Rachael Curran (June 5, 2019), an attorney with the national Center for Biological Diversity. This group will try to unify the efforts to end the practice of phosphate strip mining in Florida.  Over 800 square miles have been forever disfigured and made radioactive, multi-generational agricultural jobs are gone forever, and the land now has no significant ecological or economic value. Rachael will describe the Center’s origins and work, which is based largely on the Endangered Species Act.  

The Waterkeepers Show covers environmental news and events, and interviews people who are making a difference. Hosted by Andy Mele and Justin Bloom, two guys who have taken on some of the world’s worst polluters, and won.

Miss the early show? Check out the archive, archive.WSLR.org or https://wslr.org/shows/the-waterkeepers

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