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Written by on Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Happy Holidays, shiny happy music friend-people, tomorrow morning on WSLR.org 96.5 lp FM starting at 7 a.m., another edition of Generation X…. it’s not all holiday music, but just a few from the Monkees Christmas album, Fuzztones, dBs, Stamey, Kula Shaker, Chris Bell, Big Star, Bay City Rollers (what what? the 80s version!), The Times, R.E.M., King Gizzard, Tame Impala, Blancmange, Vibravoid, Adam Ant, Lay Llamas, Traffic, They Might Be Giants, Pylon, Sunflowers, XTC, English Beat, Police, Velvet Elevator, Chocolate Watchband, The Eyes, The Liminanas, Roxy Music, and happy birthday LiMahl of Kajagogoo, and much more…. working in most all of your requests, even Snatches of Pink!
Or, listen on the archive after 9 a.m. at wslr.org…
Also, check out the programmer page for Generation X under Programming by Day–Wednesday, where you can find the playlists and a playback button for the archive.

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