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TED'S HEAD Nov 6th


The Friday Morning Breakfast Bar on WSLR isn't just for breakfast anymore. With the Fall Fund Drive now in full swing, our aim is to tempt you with a dazzling array of fine cuisine. . . however it's only available to the very fine people willing to contribute money toward our strong, high quality community radio station.  How about some Wild Alaskan Salmon, Florida Stone Crabs, perhaps some Southern Comfort Food or freshly made mouthwatering sandwiches?  Fine Cheese, Robust Steaks, Chicken Wings, Pastries, Coffee or even Waffles. Well you better listen in and you better act fast.

The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 11/7/14

The election may be over, but the systems of voting and the financing of campaigns are still not right. Steve and Lew welcome show favorite and fund-drive regular Greg Palast (left) back to the show to clue us in on the continuing efforts of some to take away the voting rights of others.

And, from the road, Rhana Bazzini, Sarasota's own Granny D, will tell about her week walking to Tallahassee to raise awareness of the need to get money out of politics, or at least control the flow better.

2014 Fall FUND DRIVE


FALL FUND DRIVE begins at WSLR 96.5 fm
call 941-894-6469 or on line at

SPIRIT OF PUNK will join the INDIE FILES Thursday Nov. 6, 2014

 9 - 11pm east coast

Renaissance Gets Medieval and Needs Your Support!

To keep our community radio station broadcasting news, conversation, and music you won't hear anywhere else, WSLR is having a pledge drive this week, and Renaissance SRQ needs your support. On Thursday morning we'll be talking with Dean Bowden from the Sarasota Medieval Fair, which opens this weekend, and asking you to call in with a promise to support WSLR 96.5 LPFM. So call (941) 894-6469 from 9-10am or go to and let us know that you appreciate our listener supported radio station.

Maternally Yours: Military Birth and Breastfeeding

Join us Tuesday, November 4th as we consider the experience of women who combine motherhood with military service. We'll learn about what it is like giving birth in a military hospital setting and breastfeeding while in active duty.Have a question for our hosts or guests? Please email us or post to our Facebook page.

"Yesterday's Dead Today", Monday, November 3rd, 7-9pm

"There is NOTHING like a Grateful Dead Concert!"

The Sunday Folk Show

Join me Sunday , Nov. 2 from 11am-1pm for a show about time...did you remember to set your clocks back?  Is it the time you thought it was?  Does anyone really know what time it it is?  Does anyone really care?  Your boss does. on my Mind...and much more.  e-mail me at to say hi or to request songs...i'll be on time...

Next in our Indigenous In Music Spotlight "Inez Jasper" this Saturday at 4:00 EST

Host Larry Knudsen welcomes Inez Jasper to the Indigenous in Music Spotlight this Saturday at 4:00 eastern time.  Join us for a live interview.  You can find out more about Inez Jasper and hear her music on the web at  

Inez Jasper is an award winning Pop artist with powerhouse talent and universal appeal. As one of Canada’s top Aboriginal musicians, her blending of traditional native sounds with a love for contemporary Pop music brings the best of her culture to the mainstream world.


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