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The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 8-5-16

Joining Steve and Lew this week is Allegra Chapman (left) Director of Voting and Elections for Common Cause in Washington D.C. The conversation will cover the recent court decisions prohibiting attempts in some states to disenfranchise some voters.

First, Glen Gibellina will be on hand with state and local news.

Come Ride Along on Friday Mornings 7-9 am

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Tuesday is the end of HotRodRock ! Put 8+ years into the show and am grateful for the opportunity. Road Dog Russ(who took on the show for over a year solo, mucho thanks dude!) has graciously allowed me to take the last lap on HRR. Please join me , call in if you enjoyed the show. I promise this last one will make your ears bleed. Thank you all for supporting my part in this experiment called community radio.

"From the Mountains and Beyond" Monday August 1st, 4-6pm

Hey, I'm Mandy driving thru Sunny Sarasota listening to WSLR..Tune in today 4-6pm. "From the Mountains and Beyond"  takes you accross the Mountain and Beyond with some new artists and interesting songs I think you might enjoy as well as a few familiar tunes. Hope you can join us on Sarasota's best listening Community Radio Station. I'll be tuning in.  Woof  Woof

"Yesterday's Dead Today", Monday, August 1st, 7-9pm

"There is NOTHING like a Grateful Dead Concert!"

As most of you probably already know, this Monday, 8/1, is Jerry
Garcia’s birthday.

Previewing this coming Sunday’s salute to Jerry, WSLR’s “Very
Merry Jerry Day’, “Yesterday’s Dead Today” will feature each of
the four sets from last year’s celebration:

INDIE-licious - TONIGHT! Saturday, July 30 - 9-11 PM - More 2016 Favorites

INDIE-licious - TONIGHT! Saturday, July 30 - 9-11 PM
More of my favorite songs of 2016 – so far. Plus, old favorites from Yo La Tengo, Fugazi, Of Montreal, Phantogram, The Walkmen, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Devo, Stephen Malkmus and more...
96.5 in Sarasota, or listen online at!

Under the Influence of Alan Vega

Spirit of Punk tonight! 96.5 fm and sister station
wbpv 100.1 fm
9 - 11pm east coast
6 - 8pm west coast

We'll Keep It SWEET, We'll Keep It SHORT, Here For You Is the WEATHER REPORT

The WSLR Friday Morning BREAKFAST BAR 7- 9AM     WSLR 96.5, WBPV 100.1, stream or listen on the Free App.

The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 7-29-16

Some police officers have shot unarmed black men and boys. Now some black men have retalitated and shot some police officers. This tragic and barbaric quid-pro-quo hits closest to home for African-Americans. Dr. Eddy Regnier (left), a Sarasota psychologist and chairman of the Florida Council on the Social Status of Black Men and Boys will join Steve and Lew to discuss the reaction of the black community to these troubling events.

HotRodRock 26 July, 2016 4-6pm EDT


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