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Florence is a recent New College graduate pursuing a career in journalism. Born and raised in Broward County, she had a brief stint in Germany before moving to Sarasota for college. She pursued a wide breadth of topics at NCF, before finding her calling in journalism through an internship at WSLR. After graduation, WSLR helped […]

Sarah Malickson is a current Music student at the New College of Florida, with a background in journalism. Sarah is also an avid guitarist and songwriter. Sarah is a Sarasota native and enjoys spending her free time writing music, reading poetry, playing guitar, and going on nature walks. Sarah will be our Communications Intern and […]

Ariel Aparicio-Jerro brings a decades-long hospitality background combined with experience as a singer-songwriter and independent recording artist to the house manager role at Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center. “I’ve spent most of my adult life playing with my band (Ariel Aparicio & The Hired Guns) at places like Fogartyville” – including the final week […]

Joe Vermilya works on event strategy for DMI Music & Media Solutions, most recently producing the experiential marketing for Rolling Stones tour sponsor AARP. He has experience as a concert/event producer, artists and repertoire A&R representative, booking agent, conference services host, venue manager, customer service manager, and strategic idea person. “I’ve been wanting to use […]

Leon Kerber, a central figure in Sarasota’s music and cultural scene, hails from Columbus, Ohio, where he first honed his skills in radio and music. Moving to Sarasota in 2000, he has significantly influenced the local music scene, notably with bands like Fiasco, Tuss Sons, and Big Blu House, the latter commemorated by a painting in Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center. Beyond performing, Leon has contributed to music education through the School of Rock, utilized music therapy for neurodivergent individuals, and managed prominent nightlife venues. His work extends to community radio, enhancing Sarasota’s cultural diversity. Married to Jamee since 2016, Leon’s life is a blend of personal growth, professional dedication, and community service, embodying a legacy of volunteerism and the transformative power of music.[caption id="attachment_28848" align="alignnone" width="2048"] Leon Kerber plays the Rhodes - by Brian David Braun[/caption]

Johannes is a veteran journalist who directs WSLR News, your grassroots reporting from southwest Florida.

Diana is in the office weekday mornings and can be reached by email at office@wslr.org

Kathleen has a rich background in journalism, radio, and communications for nonprofits organizations. She believes strongly in the mission of our WSLR + Fogartyville and utilizes her experience to help highlight the people, programs, and events that make our community so special. “I will do my best to amplify the great work of WSLR+Fogartyville, which […]

Jesse is a lifelong resident of the suncoast who comes to us with an extensive management background, a passion for creating and listening to local music, and deep connections to the community. “Hi folks! I am so excited to be in this role. WSLR is a huge asset to our area and I am so […]

Chris is instrumental in continuing to develop Fogartyville as a premier listening room and gathering place, and to keep WSLR up and running smoothly.

Arlene is a co-founder of WSLR 96.5 Community Radio and the Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center and the general manager.

Dave fell in love with radio when he was a board op in college.  He taught film at Manatee Community College, co-founded Fogartyville Cafe  and was a co-founder of WSLR.