Committee Meetings

A lot of the work at WSLR gets done by the efforts of the station’s committees.

Serving on a committee is a great way to learn how WSLR operates and how we make decisions.  By volunteering, you can help us advance our mission.

All WSLR committee meetings are open to the public. If you need to get in touch with the chair of a committee, email them or call our office at 941-894-6469. 

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council is a group of talented, experienced, and influential individuals that provide ongoing advice and support to our Board of Directors.

2020 Advisory Council Members:  George Augustine, Tom Carabasi, Matt DeSear, Larry Eger, Carolyn Fitzpatrick, Debra Flynt-Garrett, Shannon Fortner, Susan Grundy, Ann Hankinson, Kelsey Hunt-Dolan, Dru Jones, Heather Kirkendall, Gary Leatherman, Leonardo Lunardi, Julie Morris, Lou Murray, Anand Pallegar, Dennis Plews, Ed Subkis, Pete Tannen, Darcy Young, Stan Zimmerman


Community Programs Committee -Tom Walker, Chair

Reviews current programs offered at Fogartyville and recommends areas of expansion/improvement.

Finance Committee – Michele Demperio, Chair

Develops the Annual Budget for the organization.

Fundraising Committee– Tom Walker, Chair  

Primary purpose to offer feedback on current fundraising plan and to seek NEW sources of funds (donor cultivation); legacy gifts, grants, capital campaign, giving partner challenge, etc.  Meets as needed.

Governance Committee– Ryan Stanley, Chair  

Meets as needed to codify and update all policies, employee manual, bylaws, governance documents, and any other official documents.

Nominating Committee– Brendan Goff and Alecia Harper, Co-Chairs

Accepts nominations and applications for board service and makes recommendations to the full Board. 

Radio Programming Committee- Alecia Harper, Chair

Reviews applications for new radio programs.  Performs bi-annual review of current programming.  Conducts bi-annual listener-survey.  Meets the first Monday of the month at 6pm at the WSLR studio at 525 Kumquat Court, Sarasota.

Strategic Planning Committee- Tom Walker, Chair

The Strategic Planning Committee assists the board with its responsibilities for the organization’s mission, vision and strategic direction –  including development of a three to five year strategic plan with measurable goals and time targets.


Community News Network Committee– Arlene Sweeting, Chair

Works to build relationships and collaborative opportunities with other local independent media outlets. Brainstorms content for quarterly Critical Times publication.

Please call the station at 941-894-6469 to confirm the day, date and time of any meeting you’re interested in attending.

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