Showcasing the Best in New Independent Film

The Southern Circuit Tour of Independent Filmmakers brings the best of independent film to communities across the South. As a new Screening Partner, WSLR will work collaboratively with South Arts to develop exciting new programming; provide our audiences with the opportunity to meet filmmakers and learn about the art of filmmaking; and encourage community engagement using film as a conduit for discussions about social and community issues.  Thanks to the Peace Education and Action Center for being a co-presenter of the film series.

Here’s what’s on tap for the Fall 2021 season at Fogartyville; watch for more details on filmmaker appearances to come!

Stateless – September 12-15

The new film from Michele Stephenson, the critically acclaimed filmmaker of “American Promise,” looks at the complex politics of immigration and race in the Dominican Republic and Haiti, using a combination of magical realism and hidden camera techniques.

Not Going Quietly – October 10-13

An intimate, inspiring look at activist and loving father Ady Barkan, diagnosed with ALS at age 32 and who, in spite of declining physical abilities, embarks on a nationwide campaign for healthcare reform.

And So I Stayed – October 24-27

“And So I Stayed” is a new documentary about survivors of abuse fighting for their lives and spending years behind bars. This is the story of how the legal system gets domestic violence wrong.

Duty Free – November 7-10

After a 75 year-old mother gets fired from her job, her son (director Sian-Pierre Regis) takes her on a bucket-list adventure to reclaim her life. As she struggles to find work, he documents a journey that uncovers the betrayals plaguing her past and the economic insecurity soon to shape not only her future, but that of an entire generation.

At the Ready – TBD

Home to one of the region’s largest law enforcement education programs, students at Horizon High School in El Paso train to become police officers and Border Patrol agents as they discover the realities of their dream jobs may be at odds with the truths and people they hold most dear.

The Giverny Document – February 6-9

Filmed on location in Harlem, USA and in Claude Monet’s historic gardens in Giverny, France, The Giverny Document is a multi-textured cinematic poem that meditates on the safety and bodily autonomy of Black women. Filmmaker Ja’Tovia Gary unleashes an arsenal of techniques and materials including direct animation on archival 16mm film, woman on the street interviews, and montage editing techniques to explore the creative virtuosity of Black femme performance figures while interrogating the histories of those bodies as spaces of forced labor and commodified production.

My Name is Pauli Murray – February 20-23

This luminous film examines the legacy of Pauli Murray. A lawyer, activist, poet, and priest, Murray’s life was dedicated to effecting change in America, especially around issues of race and gender equity. The experience of growing up Black in the segregated South—having moved to Durham, North Carolina, as a child—shaped Murray’s resolve to question and challenge cultural norms. Determined to put ideas to paper, Murray left a vast archive, from letters to legal arguments to published books. Here, as prose comes to life as text on screen, Murray recounts the events that influenced a transformative career. Family members and scholars discuss Murray’s vast accomplishments and lasting imprint, while archival film clips, photographs, and writing reveal the thinking of this brave and brilliant individual. Powerfully, directors Betsy West and Julie Cohen make space to consider Murray not only as a trailblazing leader but as a person, offering a nuanced examination of Murray’s gender identity and private life.

Los Hermanos/The Brothers – March 13 – 16

Virtuoso Afro-Cuban-born brothers—violinist Ilmar and pianist Aldo—live on opposite sides of a geopolitical chasm a half-century wide. Tracking their parallel lives in New York and Havana, their poignant reunion, and their momentous first performances together, Los Hermanos/The Brothers offers a nuanced, often startling view of estranged nations through the lens of music and family.

Featuring an electrifying, genre-bending score, composed by Cuban Aldo López-Gavilán, performed with his American brother, Ilmar, and with guest appearances by maestro Joshua Bell and the Harlem Quartet.

The Neutral Ground – April 3 – 6

The Neutral Ground documents New Orleans’ fight over monuments and America’s troubled romance with the Lost Cause. In 2015, director CJ Hunt was filming the New Orleans City Council’s vote to remove four confederate monuments. But when that removal is halted by lawsuits and death threats, CJ sets out to understand why a losing army from 1865 still holds so much power in America.

Lily Topples the World – April 24 – 27 

LILY TOPPLES THE WORLD follows 20-year old sensation Lily Hevesh – the world’s most acclaimed domino toppler and the only girl in her field – as she rises as an artist, role model, and young woman.  Filmed for over 3 years across countless cities and featuring appearances by Jimmy Fallon, Katy Perry, Will Smith, YouTuber Casey Neistat, and a steady stream of Gen-Z creators, LILY TOPPLES THE WORLD is a coming-of-age story cloaked within a unique portrait of an artist, a story of how passion and creativity can make dreams come true, and an unlikely American tale of a quiet Chinese adoptee who transforms into a global artistic force with over 1 billion YouTube views.

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