News Team

Onyx Hadwen
News Assistant

Onyx is a member of the news team. He first started working with WSLR in January of 2020. They are always curious about the role of journalism in empowering community members and holding leaders accountable. Onyx studies sociology and Spanish at New College of Florida.

Bernadette Nwokeji

Bernadette is a member of the news team. After participating in the 2021 Black History Month listen-in, she decided to become a part of WSLR. She deeply enjoys the process of curating news stories and believes it has contributed to her staying informed about local and statewide issues. Bernadette is a local high school student who hopes to take her newfound appreciation for news broadcasting with her to college. 

Basil Pursley

Basil Pursley [he/they] is a News Intern at WSLR. They are a student at New College of Florida who is studying Media and Culture. He is interested in entertainment, theme parks, and exploring economic equality.

Stan Zimmerman
News team advisor
Joshua Epstein
Nickolas Steinig

Nickolas Steinig is a News Intern at WSLR. They are a student enrolled at the New College of Florida studying journalism and innovative digital media. They've also published articles as a staff writer and photographer for the Catalyst newspaper and have carved out a niche for tackling complex, controversial social issues. 

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