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Transition Sarasota and Joel Salatin

Join us this Thursday at 9am for Renaissance SRQ.

First up, we'll be talking to Don Hall of Transition Sarasota about the upcoming Eat Local Week, Films for our Future, and all of the other stuff that is in store as we transition to greater sustainability, resilience, and quality of life.

Then, we'll be getting a call from America's favorite farmer, Joel Salatin, as we talk to him about organic farming and the future of food.

Don't miss it!

Maternally Yours: Intimacy After Childbirth

Join the Conversation on Tuesday, July 7th at 6:00 p.m. ET as Ryan and Cheryl uncover some of the myths, misconceptions, and mysteries about sex and sexuality after childbirth. A birth of a child is an amazing, exciting chapter, but it can also bring changes to a couple's relationship, especially when it comes to intimacy. Tune in to hear from Christina Holmes, Licensed Midwife and owner of Birthways Family Birth Center, and Deborah Huntley, Certified Sex Therapist. Have a question for our hosts or guests?

Radio Theater Project: The Other Side of Now

Join us Wednesday, July 8th at 9 am, for a play reading of The Other Side of Now.

Time Travel is tricky because you may not wind up where you want to be. Tony Jordan winds up in a future he wasn't expecting.

"Yesterday's Dead Today", Monday, July 6th, 7-9pm

"There is NOTHING like a Grateful Dead Concert!"

I'll be posting full setlists from now on, so scroll down...and I'll be posting the week's gig announcements as well:

Grateful Dead
Cardinal Stadium
Louisville, KY

SBD>Dat>Sonic Solutions>CD

A superb recording!




   Well folks it's summer, it's hot and it's the 4th of July weekend.  So when your recovering from all the fun your gonna have tonight grab a bagel and brew up some coffee and tune me in      11am - 1pm tomorrow morning.   Stay safe and have a happy holiday!

Pres. Candidate B. Sanders Speech to Record Crowd to be Re-broadcast 10am Saturday

Bernie's speech in Madison, WI to over 10,000 will be re-broadcast on WSLR 96.5 Community Radio at 10am on July 4th. Thank you to community radio WORT of Madison Wisconsin.

Fireworks In The Air & Fireworks On The Air

The Friday Morning Breakfast Bar celebrates America's Independence. Tune in for The Fourth of July Weekend Event Information including Fireworks Displays happening on the Suncoast. It's all part of the Big List heard near the bottom of each hour (7:30 and 8:30) every Friday Morning on the Breakfast Bar.  WSLR 96.5 FM  also via the free Apple/Android Apps.

The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 7/3/15

Last week the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission voted nearly unanimously to again allow bear hunting. Don't they know Stephen Colbert was just joking when he labeled bears the top threat to the nation. Laura Bevan (left) from the Humane Society is joining Lew and Steve this week to explain why killing bears is no joke.

Later, Stephen Spaulding of Common Cause will sort out the good, the bad, and the ugly in the recent flurry of Supreme Court decisions.


Tonight Thursday 7-2-15
96.5 fm sarasota FLA,
9 - 11pm east coast
6 - 8 pm west coast
Steve Miller band, David Byrne, The Clash, KGB, The Avengers, the Mutants, The Weirdos, X, Rank and File, Devo, The Blasters, Undertones,    Marianne Faithfull,   Pennywise,   Weezer,

Confederate Flags and Drag Queens

Join us this Thursday at 9am for Renaissance SRQ.

We'll be talking with John Sims about his recoloration of the confederate flag and his upcoming July 4 flag burning project.

We'll also be speaking with Beneva Fruitville about Sarasota's Drag Queen Bingo, and how a little naughty fun can go a long way.


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