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Did you know (if you hold a Sarasota or Manatee Public Library Card) that you can use the library at State College of Florida?

Have you ever served on a selection committee for a major national literature award?

Our guest this week (and next week), Ms. Alicia Long fills us in on these gems and more...

In addition to her work at SCF and on literature for young people, Alicia has also been an active member of REFORMA. We'll get to that on next week's program.

Join us Wednesday night around 6:25 PM or Friday morning around 8:55 AM for HAVE YOU HEARD?

Maternally Yours: Gun Safety

Join the Conversation tonight, Tuesday, July 22nd at 6pm ET as Ryan and Laura discuss gun safety. With over 1.5 million American children living in homes where firearms are left unsecured and loaded and an estimated 62 deaths and 660 hospital visits caused by accidental shootings each year, it's time to ask some tough questions about this lethal, yet politically accepted, epidemic.

RoadDogRuss on HotRodRock Tuesday 4-6pm EDT

Gonna bring in a pile of LPs and spin some sides for a couple hours.
We'll hear from Johnny Winter. Then move on to:
Freddie King 'Texas Cannonball'
John Mayall 'Empty Rooms'
John Lee Hooker 'Endless Boogie'
Matt Woods 'With Love From Brushy Mountain'
Point Blank 'Point Blank'
The Georgia Satellites 'Open All Night'
Witchfynde 'Give 'Em Hell'
Motörhead 'Rock 'N' Roll'
We'll finish with 'Johnny Winter And Live'

Florida Caribe, Tue., July 22, 9-10am

As the Obama administration flies the first child migrants back to Honduras, Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer argues that sending them all back would be best, because there has always been "violence and poverty in Central America." Rush Limbaugh, meanwhile, is blaming "left-wing governments" in Central America for the crisis. 


Please join us on The Red Couch THIS SATURDAY, JULY 26 AT 9:00 AM!!
The Red Couch is an Internet talk show created by Rachel Schaeffer featuring women and men who share their secrets for living a happy and successful life. Its mission is to inspire people to feel connected and to celebrate their power.

"Yesterday's Dead Today", Monday, July 21st, 7-9pm

"There is NOTHING like a Grateful Dead Concert!"

I'll be posting full setlists from now on, so scroll down...and I will be posting the week's gig announcements as well, while my show's webpage remains down:

Another stunning “Mouth Of The Beast” audience recording. The vocals are a
tad distant but very listenable, but the playing is superb, and the recording is

Grateful Dead
Hollywood Bowl
Hollywood, CA

FOB Cassette (MAC) > Reel 1 (R1)

Alternative Radio "Hits" on The Friday Morning Breakfast Bar

Maybe seems a bit Oxymoronic, "hit songs" derived from Alternative Radio?  But there are plenty of them.  Some have even made their way in to the mainstream (and not so mainstream) circles of music lovers. Each edition of The Breakfast Bar, Fridays 7-9 am, features a collection of these from both past and present to get your weekend started.  Familiar, semi-familiar and possibly brand new to you, Alternative Radio Hits and more.  The Breakfast Bar on the air at WSLR 96.5 in Sarasota, stream at, or use free Apple/Android App to listen.

The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 7/18/14

A Florida Circuit Court ruled last week in favor of a lawsuit brought by the League of Women Voters that the legislature's 2010 redistricting plan was partisan and illegal. Pamela Goodman (left), vice president of the Florida League will fill us in on the details of that decision.

Later in the show, Vanessa Morris of Selah Freedom will talk about that group's efforts to help victims of sex trafficking. And, as the earth continued to spin on its axis, more surreal news was made to be reported.

A Blues Brothers Tribute Today!


Born in Chicago - Butterfield Blues Band | Wish You Would - Mitch Clark | Blues Don't Bother Me - Matt "Guitar" Murphy | Do What You Wanta Do - Koko Ray | Cheaper To Keep Her - Dan Aykroyd, Lonnie Brooks, Jr. Wells | I'll Be Your Fool - Sarasota Slim | Respect - Aretha Franklin | Ghosts Of Mississippi Meet The Gods Of Africa - Joey Gilmore | 634-5789 - Eddie Floyd, Wilson Pickett, Jonny Lang |  Long Distance Call - Al Fuller |


Introduce Indigenous in Music with Larry Knudsen to your programming!


"indigenous in Music with Larry Knudsen" from the Ho Chunk Nation based out of Sarasota FL. is now available for free download on PRX the Pubic Radio Exchange - PRX.ORG and Pacifica Audio Port - AUDIOPORT.ORG.  And were Growing, now you can hear us on these fine stations;  WLPR 89.1 Merrrillville IN, KODK 90.7 Kokiak AK, KNSJ 89.1 San Diego CA


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