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stratosphere..august 6..9 to 10 am

Join stratosphere hosts for a chat with Gianluca Signorelli, SVP, Head of Clean Energy Finance at Rabobank NA., about climate change and the lack of effort to correct human behaviors contributing to climate change. Lots of science news and more...


Please join us on The Red Couch THIS SATURDAY, AUGUST 9 AT 9:00 AM!!
The Red Couch is an Internet talk show created by Rachel Schaeffer featuring women and men who share their secrets for living a happy and successful life. Its mission is to inspire people to feel connected and to celebrate their power.

"Yesterday's Dead Today", Monday, August 4th, 7-9pm

Should read:

"Yesterday's Dead Today", Monday, August 4th, 7-9pm

"Yesterday's Dead Today", Monday, August 3rd, 7-9pm

Image is 2014 VMJD t-shirt by Rob Demperio(Lumpy)!

"There is NOTHING like a Grateful Dead Concert!"

I'll be posting full setlists from now on, so scroll down...and I will be posting the week's gig announcements as well, while my show's webpage remains down:


The Other Ones
Alpine Valley
East Troy, Wisconsin

Tonight’s broadcast steps outside the official “Grateful Dead” envelope to
extend WSLR’s “Very Merry Jerry Day” just one more day...

Next on "Indigenous In Music with Larry Knudsen" this Saturday 3 to 5, Aug 2nd 2014 "Steven Rushingwind"

Host Larry Knudsen welcomes back award winning Steven Rushingwind to Indigenous in Music this Saturday at 4:00 eastern time.  His new album Strong Horse has recently been nominated for a Grammy award.  You can visit Steven and hear his music on the web at

TED'S HEAD July 31st

The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 8/1/14

As election day nears, Lew and Steve  welcome two Manatee County candidates to this week's show. Robin DiSabitino (left) is running for reelection to the Manatee County Commission is returning alone for what was scheduled to be a debate with her opponent, who declined to come on. Later, Karen Carpenter, Manatee County School Board member who is running for reelection will explain some of the things that have gone wrong with the schools and what is going right. And, as the universe continues to expand, more surreal news was made to be reported.

And A Very Merry Jerry Day To You...Celebrate With Us Sunday at Fogartyville!


Don't Put Your Hands On Me - Koko Taylor | Me And My Uncle - Grateful Dead | I Wish You Would - Billy Boy Arnold | Got Me Another Man - Kat Crosby Band | Stealin' Watermelons - Elvin Bishop | Thought I Had It All - Damon Fowler | I'm Bad - Kate Webster | Do What You Wanna Do - Koko Ray | My Next Ex-Wife - Little Charlie and the Nightcats | New Orleans In The Back Of My Mind - Al Fuller | Paint My Mailbox Blue - Johnny Heartsman |


Maternally Yours: Infant Mental Health

Join the Conversation tonight,Tuesday July 29th at 6pm ET as Dana and Laura discuss infant mental health with Kimberly Treharne, Clinical Supervisor for Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health at The Florida Center for Early Childhood, Inc. Have a question for our hosts or guest?

Indigenous in Music and WSLR 96.5 JAMMING now in Kodiak, Alaska on KODK 90.7!

KODK 90.7 -  Public Radio in Kodiak, Alaska welcomes 
Indigenous in Music with Larry Knudsen 
every Tuesday 10 to Midnight 

"Indigenous in Music" based out of Sarasota FL. with host Larry Knudsen from the Ho Chuck Nation is now stretching the hemisphere reaching all the way to the Kokiak Island. 


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