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Tiny Bites of the World

Join us on Thursday at 9am as we speak with Peter Miletich of World Bites Kafe about Sarasota's savory side and then get a call from Christopher Smith, Co-Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor, and star of the film Tiny which screened at Fogartyville last week. This week Renaissance SRQ is about tiny houses and big tastes.



HOWDY Campers!

HOWDY Campers!  I hope all is well with you on your end of the world.  I hope you ghot to hear me sit ion for Sven on his Tuesday afternoon Hot Rod Rock show?  I got to step outside of the box and play some classic Country & western tunes.  Believe you me that was fun!

An Interview with Steve Arvey & Bill Buchman About Art Of The Blues CD Release Party

Blues Before Sunrise - Leroy Carr | Good Morning Little Schoolgirl - Art Of Blues | Thick Cut Bacon - Art Of Blues | I Wanna Stay Sober - Art Of The Blues | Worried Life Blues - Art Of Blues | Downtown Blues - Frank Stokes | Long Distance Call - Al Fuller | Stack O'Lee Blues - Mississippi John Hurt | What Were You Thinking - Bob Dielman | Going To New Orleans - Art Of The Blues |

Gagging (as in to prevent someone verbalizing, being gagged)

(NOT a reaction to this week’s Have You Heard?)

April 1 inside the Jumping Mullet report and April 3 circa 8:55am.

Maternally Yours: Hot Mamas

Join the conversation on Tuesday, March 31st when we'll talk about what it's like to be a mother and also be sexy on our Hot Mamas episode. We'll also explore cultural ideas about whether mothers are "allowed" to be sexy, what it means to be a "role model," and how to gain body confidence. Have a question for our hosts or guests? Please email us or post to our Facebook page.

"Yesterday's Dead Today", Monday, March 30th, 7-9pm

"There is NOTHING like a Grateful Dead Concert!"

I'll be posting full setlists from now on, so scroll down...and I'll be posting the week's gig announcements as well, while my show's webpage remains down:

Grateful Dead
The Omni,
Atlanta, GA

SBD  > Dat
Transfered By Charlie Miller

An absolutely magnificent recording!

The Sunday Folk Show

Join me Sunday, Mar.l 29 from 11am-1pm for another fine show of music and mayhem...many wonderful musicians have birthdays between Mar.22-Mar 29.  A few have URS (wedding back into the One which we call passing away)..we'll celebrate their music, too.

Make plans for April 19 when James and I join forces as we do twice a year to ask for your support for WSLR and The Sunday Folk Show during the Spring membership drive....peace

HotRodRock " Go'es Country With James Hawkins at the Reins " Tues 4-6 PM

   Mixing it up this week.  Host of The Sunday Folk Show (11 AM-1PM) James Hawkins brings his love of Classic Country Music to HotRodRock.  No crap pop country hear, just the rocks of classic country. The Possum, The Hanks, The Man in Black, The Southern Gentleman, The Coal Miners Daughter list goes on of the Legends so big they are even known by their nick names. Pull on your boots and scoot over to 96.5 at 4 PM on Tuesday to hear James Hawkins do some fancy shooting with his 45's.

The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 3/27/15

While the medical marijuana amendment failed, it did garner more votes than Rick Scott, which did not escape the attention of the legislature. Brad Weinstock is joining Lew and Steve to sort out several bills being proposed to legalize some form of medical marijuana and the future of the issue.

Later, Eric Draper (left) executive director of the Florida Forever Coalition will update us on how the legislature is planning to misuse funds assigned to conservation by Amendment 1.

Reggae in the Punk Era


Spirit of PUnk this thurs.. Reggae in the Punk Era or 96.5 on your fm dial


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