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CAN Community Health: “Dining with my Daughter”

The Jumping Mullet Report Friday, April 6, 2018

On Monday March 5th an event titled “Dining with my Daughter” in honor of National Women and Girls HIV Awareness Day took place on Michaels on East.  Serena Miller, Senior Prevention Specialist for CAN Community Health , spoke about the importance of this event in this day and age.

“It is an event to bring awareness to women ans girls about HIV, sexual health, and how to have a healthier lifestyle and how to protect themselves from HIV and STDS”, Miller explained.

Parents and guardians tend to believe that teenagers are sometimes too young to know about sexually transmitted diseases or how to maintain a healthy sexual lifestyle when the time comes.  14-year-old Lily Zubir disagrees.

Listen to Zubir talk on the importance of early and honest sexual education.

Picture credit: Alix Redmonde