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A Decontructionist Mind

with Nef

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Saturday 2 6:00 pm 6:59 pm

Alt Saturdays 5-5:30 PM

'A Deconstructionist Mind'


We often times oversimplify complex concepts;
Our unconscious mind, being the “well-oiled machine” that it is, Serves as our   foundational thought process.

We are witness in a time of global awakening and imperial dissension.

In order to continue to disentangle ourselves from generational oppressive systems, we must first decolonize the frameworks that govern those concepts.

In our journey, which I believe is a journey of The Spirit, we will share and bring forthtestimony, draw connections between people, governmental policies, events, and ideologiesthrough methods that are considered unconventional in our mainstream educational spaces.

We will engage in genuine philosophical discourse by rooting ourselves in genuine intentions

to fight for democracy, sovereignty, self-determination and justice;
To push back against censorship, discreditation tactics and authoritarian control of ThePeople’s Narrative.

“We can’t stop the wave, but we can learn to surf’”


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