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Louisiana Gumbo

with Kid Red

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Wednesday 2:00 pm 3:59 pm
Wednesday 2 2:00 pm 3:59 pm

Wednesdays 2-4 PM

Louisiana Gumbo aims to bring Louisiana music to the WSLR audience, but not just the best-known genres like jazz, second line and Dixieland, but from every style of music from punk to classical to Americana after it’s been marinated and simmered in the unique outlook that only Louisiana musicians can bring to it. New Orleans is about more than jazz and Louisiana is about more than Cajun and Zydeco. Louisiana Gumbo brings it all together.

Scheduled On: Wednesdays 2 - 4pm Host: Kid Red
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When kid red came to Sarasota he brought the music of New Orleans with him, not only in the music he performs, but also to WSLR in the music he shared on his program Louisiana Gumbo, a program he inherited from the show’s founder, John Osgood. As a broadcaster in his younger days and a New Orleans musician all his adult life he brings a broad-based perspective on the music and culture of the Crescent City.

Find Kid Red at www.kidred.com

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