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SynthWorld is a deep exploration of often overlooked and obscure electronic music sub-genres that produce some of the best that modern music has to offer. These include: Synthwave, SynthPop, Dreamwave, Outrun, IDM, Vaporwave, Glitchwave, Post-Rock, Darksynth and Chillwave. These styles often influenced by 80's sci-fi film scores and analog synthesizers take us into a not so distant past while adding a new age touch.
Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, DJ Nomad/Damon is a self proclaimed “athletic nerd” who grew up in a household dominated by sports but found through friends and family members a passion for the arts in video games, music and film. After graduating from Ohio State University in 2016 he has since spent his time in the marketing and media industry as a content producer while also creating his own digital art on the side. A recent transplant to the sunshine state from Northern California, he resides in Sarasota with his two cats Lu and Ru. His hobbies include photography, kayaking, disc golf and environmental conservation.
You can follow his art, photography and life in general at his IG: https://www.instagram.com/scorched_earth_designs/ 

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