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The Cat’s Meow

with The Cat Lady

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Wednesday 2 7:00 pm 8:59 pm

Alt Wednesdays 7-9 PM

The Cat’s Meow is catnip for the ears, spinning tasty nuggets and paw-licking gems with an eclectic mix of music that will get you purring. The Cat Lady will treat you to rock, folk, psychedelic and lyric-forward songs from across decades, that pull at your whiskers with nostalgia and depth.

The old-timey cats may be coaxed gently into loving more “recent” evolutions and incantations of the Folk Rock era as The Cat Lady shares her love and personal connections with early Indie, 90’s Grunge, Anti-folk, Grrrl bands, Lo-fi, Post-punk, and singer-songwriters from the 90’s, oughts, and today. All of whom were influenced by the great rockers, lick-makers, and artists that preceded them.

Sometimes you’ll hear guitar-heavy grinds, fuzz and buzz that curls your whiskers. Sometimes songs with lyrics that inspire, empower, and help us to remember. And oftentimes as The Cat’s Meow winds down in its second hour, The Cat Lady will help to take the rough edges off your day with a morsel of poetry or prose mixed between downbeat songs. As she quiets things down and chills you out, you could be listening to the show and still hear a kitten hop on a shag rug.

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