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Hot Rod Rock " Brings in a Ringer to Host " 4-6 PM Tuesday 8/19

Not letting anything out yet for fear of the wrong people finding out, but do not miss this show. 

Here is something fun from one of my (Sven) Heroes to get you to Tuesday.

for the adventurous click the "read more"




Stratosphere...august 20..9am to 10

Join Straosphere for a conversation with Don Hall, Founder and Executive Director of Transition Sarasota.  Learn about current and future programs and initiatives. Later in the show, Paul Firestone, educator, playwrite, psychoanalyst and actor will join us to discuss his book, 'The Pulitzer Prize Plays', and American life.

The Sunday Folk Show with Ishmael Katz

Join me Sunday as I explore the vast world of students and teachers cause  it's time to GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!  BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID....not really.  We are all excited to meet our new students and ,for me, to send more guitar players out into the world. 

Next on "Indigenous In Music with Larry Knudsen" this Saturday 3 to 5, Aug 16th 2014 "Dustin Harder" and 2 hours of Indigenous Blues

Host Larry Knudsen welcomes Dustin Harder to Indigenous in Music this Saturday at 4:00 eastern time.  Email me for his free album at  He is the founder of the Dusty Roads Band.  Hear music from his album "Searching For A River" and find out all about his band on the web at

TED'S HEAD August 14th

Spirit of Punk "after vacation"

tonight we will celebrate great music... Been away for a few weeks and i am glad to be back.

With the free screening of Target Video coming up on Aug 22nd at Ringling's Selby Gallery i'd like to play some music by bands included in this screening including:

Toxic Reasons, The Dead Kennedy's, The Screamers, The Avengers, DEVO, The Cramps, in addition i have other bands Pigface, Alabama3, Felt and much more

The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 8/15/14

The legislature this week finished court-ordered revisions of voting districts and sent the new maps to the governor for his signature. Pamela Goodman (left), vice president of the Florida League of Women Voters, the group that won the lawsuit forcing those changes, will join Lew and Steve to tell us what comes next.

Later in the show, Jessica Ventimiglia, Executive Director of the United Way 211 of Manasota, Inc. will discuss the work that organization does and how they do it.


Yes, It's True. Mondays feature Jethro with his Hollarin' and Wallerin' , Tuesdays it's Folk Alley, Wednesdays enjoy some Hot Tea with Bryan Osgood, Fire up the Eclectic Blender with Dave Pedersen on Thursdays, Belly Up to the Breakfast Bar with Stoner on Fridays, Wake up to Celtic Dew with Dave Wertman on Saturdays, and revive your spirit on Sundays with A Love Supreme with John Haupt and Wings of the Heart with Carol Rosenbaum. Early Mornings on WSLR.

A Salute To Mississsippi John Hurt - plus Local Blues Music!

Frankie & Albert - Chris Smither | Stranger Blues - Lady Katt & The Howlin Doggs | Avalon My Home Town - Bruce Cockburn | Must Be Love - Venturas | Angels Laid Him Away - Lucinda Williams | Tell The Devil I'm Gone - Ben Prestage | Here I Am Oh Lord Send Me - Alvin Youngblood Hat | Where'd You Get Your Sugar From - Delta Swamp Rats | Candy Man - Steve & Justin Earle | Old Fools, Bar Stools and Me - Damon Fowler | Monday Morning Blues - Peter Case & Dave Alvin | Kind Hearted Woman - Al Fuller | Sliding Delta - Ben Harper |

Walk on the Water

Join us on Renaissance SRQ as we talk about the state of our waterways with Justin Shapiro, a robotologist guy (not official title) at Mote Marine Laboratory. And then we're gonna talk to Rob Alfieri about the incredible benefits of the increasingly popular Stand Up Paddleborarding. So find out what SUP tomorrow at 9am on Renaissance SRQ.



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