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Magic, Music, and Black Jack

Join us this week on Renaissance SRQ this week as welcome performing artist Joseph Spinella to the studio to discuss the connections between music and magic as featured in his new show “illusionAria.”


We'll then be talking to Stacey Karseras about weight loss, fitness, and her Black Jack to Lose Fat program.

Who's Ready?

"Yesterday's Dead Today", Monday,October 5th, 7-9pm

"There is NOTHING like a Grateful Dead Concert!"

Full setlists and reviews, when possible, so scroll down...and  the week's gig
announcements as well:

Grateful Dead, Charlotte Coliseum , Charlotte, NC

October 5, 1984
2 Source Matrix:
Matrix by dusborne:
SBD> MC> Cass> DATs> CDRs> SHN
Thanks to Blacula for the source shns.  

Stratosphere...oct. 7...9am to 9:30

Join Stratosphere for a conversation with William Jordan, MD,MPH, President of the National Alliance for Gun Safety. Jordan will discuss guns and resistance to gag laws to protect free speech between patients and physicians, suicide and guns from a public health perspective, and gun violence from a national policy perspective. Lots of science news and more...

The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 10-2-15

Republicans are once again using their well-worn campaign strategy of employing weapons of the mass distraction. The target of the distraction this time is an old favorite -- Planned Parenthood. Barbara Zdravecky, president of this region's Planned Parenthood, will be on to correct the outright lies about this esteemable organization.

Later, Junior Salazar (left) founder of UNO and organizer of last week's rally and march in Bradenton in protest of Donald Trump's characterizations of Latinos will join Steve and Lew to talk about the rally, UNO, and what's next.

Maternally Yours: Cut, Stapled, and Mended

Join the Conversation on Tuesday September 29th at 6:00 p.m.

West Coast Black Theatre Troupe and The Story of Stuff

The West Coast Black Theatre Troupe has made an indelible mark in Sarasota, and we are pleased to be speaking with founder Nate Jacobs about what's coming up in the new season this week on Renaissance SRQ.

"From the Mountains and Beyond" Monday Sept 28th, 4-6pm

Join Myself and Rob as we welcome "Oak Hay" Live in Studio.  Oak Hay will be opening for this Saturday's concert for " Passerine " October 3rd, 8pm at the Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center. I will also be introducing some new Artists to our WSLR listeners as well as some familiars.. Tune in 4-6pm.

Indie Rock on WSLR and WBPV

Wake up to Indie and Non-Mainstream rock Monday from 7-9 AM.

Wake Up to Indie Rock at 7 AM

Gary O. will start your morning in a rockin' fashion Monday on All Things Rock.  Indie and Non-Mainstream rock for 2 hours from 7-9 AM.


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