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Starting Sarasolo

In case you missed Renaissance SRQ this week, you can watch the video of our interview with Annie Morrison and David Coyle to find out more about the first annual Sarasolo Festival.

The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 1/9/15

Show favorite Greg Palast is joining Lew and Steve this week to talk about the recently departed and former New York governor Mario Cuomo and sadly reveal how he was perhaps not all he appeared to be.

Later in the show, author Dr. Jeffrey Orenstein (left)  will be in the studio to discuss his new book Fixing American Government and, of course, how that daunting task may be accomplished.

Sarasolo Sprouting

Sarasota folks are always coming up with new and unique ways to celebrate the arts in all of its forms. Join us this Thursday at 9am on Renaissance SRQ as we speak with Annie Morrison and David Coyle about the 2015 Sarasolo Festival, a four day celebration of solo performance art. Featuring 16 different performances and a number of classes and other activities, the festival runs from February 21-March 1. 

For more information, listen to the show and go to

Maternally Yours: Tears and Repairs

Join the Conversation Tuesday, January 6 at 6:00 pm as Ryan and Dana tackle an issue many women are too ashamed to discuss: the perineal and vaginal damage that can happen during childbirth. We'll talk to obstetricians about the different types of tears, how to avoid them, the short and long term effects of tissue trauma, and how the tissues can be repaired.

"Yesterday's Dead Today", Monday, January 5th, 7-9pm

"There is NOTHING like a Grateful Dead Concert!"

I'll be posting full setlists from now on, so scroll down...and I'll be posting the week's gig announcements as well, while my show's webpage remains down:

Bob Weir Rob Wasserman Jay Lane are “Scaring The Childern”
Theatro Carlo Felice
Jam Cruise 9

January 5, 2011
Schoeps mk4/cmc6 -> Lunatech V3 -> Sound Devices 722

Taped and transferred by Steve Bazley

This show is not in the internet archive.

Renaissance SRQ - The Year in Review

Give a listen and let us know what stood out to you in 2014 and what you're looking forward to in 2015.

The Sunday Folk Show

Join me for the first Sunday Folk Show of the 2015.. I'll be on the air 11am-1pm Jan. 4 with:

Songs about New and having recently returned from Birmingham, AL and Jackson, MS.....songs about those two Deep South cities

plus much more....tune in, don't drop what you're doing (you only need your ears) and tune in.

“Adventures In Jazzland”, Thursday, January 1st, 7-9pm

Join Mark Binder in a tribute to the late, great Kenny Drew Jr.:

Join me as I cover the show while programmer Mike Finly is up
north spending the holidays with his family, in a tribute to the late
keyboardist Kenny Drew Jr.

The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 1/2/15

Another year has come and gone, but The Surreal News carries on. For the first show of the new year, Lew and Steve welcome Susan Smith (left), President of the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida to talk about what's ahead in Florida politics. 

And later in the show, local activist Glen Gilbellina will clue us in on industrial hemp and why it is an idea whose time has come.



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