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The Sunday Folk Show with Ishmael Katz

Join me on Sunday, May 3 for a musical journey through May Day and celebrate the early May birthdays...there are some great ones this week.  Plus you can request whatever you want by e-mailing me during the show at             Turn on, tune in and dig the music.

The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 5/1/15

It was discovered recently that the state of Florida had plans to "rent" parts of Myakka State Park for cattle ranching and cell phone towers without public comment. Now the cat is out of the bag and the State says it will have hearings. Hear what Andy Mele (left) of the Sarasota Sierra Club has to say about this plan.

Later, show favorite Greg Palast will to on to talk about the latest developments on the Deep Water Horizon oil spill.

The Magic of Judy, Part i

Getting to know our neighbor Judy Mullen, 

our lovely final guest on HAVE YOU HEARD

4/29 in Jumping Mullet and 5/1 circa 8:55am.

Inside the ShelterBox

Join Steve and Gonzo this week as our in guest studio will be Chris Alexander from ShelterBox, a company that provides emergency shelter and vital supplies to support communities around the world overwhelmed by disaster and humanitarian crisis.


We'll also be getting some call ins from some of the bands that will be performing at the upcoming Harvey Milk Festival.

Maternally Yours: VBAC

Join the Conversation on Tuesday, April 28th at 6 p.m. ET as Laura and Ryan take a look at Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) in America. What are the trends? What are the facts? What are your rights? Is it safe? Tune in and find out as we listen to the experts. We will welcome Jen Kamel, author of the website, as well as Erin Ernst, the leader of the local International Cesarean Awareness Network and mother of two.


Was listening to Eve Plewes show No  Nonsense Nutrition about the dirty dozen,... so here's the Evil Thirteen picked by Poison Ivy of the Cramps.  Will pull these gems out at the 5 pm hour . Other than that, no playlist just the coolest songs ever made that tickle my fancy to round out the two hours of HotRodRock. Big THANK YOU to everyone who called in last week ! You put the U in community radio. Two festivals this week(Click the blue read more).

STRATosphere..May 6..9am to 9:30

Join STRATosphere hosts for a conversation with Gari Carter, author of "Healing Myself." Gari recounts her experience as a survivor of a terrible car crash and the techniques she used to get through the pain and trauma of the accident and her healing cycle. From audio pain-control to personal insight, Gari shares her story in an effort to guide and help others who find themselves in her situation.

"Yesterday's Dead Today", Monday, April 27th, 7-9pm

"There is NOTHING like a Grateful Dead Concert!"

I'll be posting full setlists from now on, so scroll down...and I'll be posting the week's gig announcements as well, while my show's webpage remains down:

Grateful Dead
Frost Amphitheater
Palo Alto, CA

April 27th, 1985

"Sunday Folk Show", Sunday, April 26th, 11am-1pm

For those of you who can’t seem to get enough Jerry, here we have
all the stage appearances by Jerry that weekend. This may be the
only chance to hear this...

Before I broadcast today’s show, a story of serendipity:

Thrive Food Truck for HUDOST

Thrive Street Eats Food Truck is excited to be serving food for the HUDOST show on Friday.   We are a new healthy (but cool :)) food truck and make most items from scratch. We are primarily a vegetarian truck, but we do offer one chicken option. Our chicken is natural, with no hormones, steroids, or antibiotics and is raised cage free. Menu options this week include Carrot Ginger Cilantro Soup, Mixed Berry and Mint Smoothie, Mango and Vine Salad, Veggie Burger, Portabella Burger, Cooling Veggie Roll, Thai Chicken Savoy Wrap, Portabella Fries, and Sweet Potato Hash.


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