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The Sunday Folk Show with Ishmael Katz

Sunday Folk Show  11am-1pm  April 13:  pre-birthday special songs; early Earth Day and more

Ever wonder what songs were playing on the radio or victrola when you were crawling around as a baby.   songs that might of seeped into your little mind and set the tone for future loves, musically?  I did...listen to what I found out.

TED'S HEAD April 10th



The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 4/11/14

The rantings of the Tea Party and the radical right are nothing new as Lew and Steve's guest, author Claire Connor (left) documents in her autobiography Wrapped in the Flag. Raised by parents committed to the rabid anti-communist John Birch Society, Claire had a chillingly close-up view of the madness perpetrated by that group and its successors today.

Also, Josh Stearns from FreePress will explain the latest FCC rulings and author Ray Bourhis is on board to offer his take on the recent Supreme Court decision to further deregulate campaign financing. 

“Adventures In Jazzland”, Thurs., April 10th, 7-9 pm Eastern

Mark Binder got an almost-last-minute call from show host Mike Finly, who is laid up with the flu, if he could cover his show, "Adventures In Jazzland", Thursday, so join him for all live recordings:

Starting from 1950 and working forward, we will hear Charlie Parker, The Miles Davis Sextet, The Jazz At The Philharmonic All-Stars, Art Blakey, The Cannonball Adderley  Sextet, The Duke Ellington Orchestra, The Thelonius Monk Quartet, and the Dexter ordon Quartet.

RoadDogRuss Clears Up The Confusion on 8 Apr, 2014 4-6pm EDT

The link to Hell Drivers new EP 'Take A Trip' as heard on #HotRodRock for the very first time WORLDWIDE can be found after the break.

Salute to Willie Dixon on Blues With The Velvet Hammer

Spoonful - Willie Dixon | Spoonful - Lady Katt & The Howlin' Dogs | When The Lights Go Out - Willie Dixon | The Pain Is Gone - Steve Arvey | Do Me Right - Willie Dixon | Old Fools, Bar Stools & Me - Damon Fowler | Mellow Down Easy - Willie Dixon | Back Door Man - Bluescasters | Bring It On Home - Willie Dixon | Further On Up The Road - Sidney James Wingfield | I Ain't Superstitious - Willie Dixon | Rye Whiskey - Ben Prestage |


So You Think a Shark's Tooth Festival is a Bit Weird?

If you think shark's teeth are an unusual reason to hold a festival, just wait a minute.  Join the Breakfast Bar this Friday 7-9am as Stoner explores some of the most unusual festivals held around the globe. From bathtubs, spiders and duct tape to several which involve "playing with food" you'll soon agree that this weekend's Venice Sharks Tooth Festival, by comparison, is quite mild and very reasonable. The Breakfast Bar, this Friday 7-9am on WSLR 96.5

Maternally Yours: Prematurity Awareness

Join the Conversation Tuesday, April 8 at 6pm ET as Ryan and Laura bring awareness to the issue of premature birth with health care providers and our favorite experts, local moms. Have a question for our hosts or guests? Please email us or post to our facebook page.


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