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Lauren Mitchell Visits To Talk About Elks Filling Empty Little Tummies

Visit them at

Hole In The Wall - Johnny Taylor | Sweet Home Chicago - Joey Gilmore | Dark End Of The Street - Aretha Franklin | What Were You Thinking - Bob Dielman | Ghetto Child - Curtis Mayfield | Shout It - Julie Black | The Thrill Is Gone - BB King, Bobby Bland | Repossession - Wendy Rich | I Believe - Lurrie Bell |  Perfect Love Affair - Kat Crosby | Rumble - Link Wray |


Continental (pantry) Shelf

On this week's Have You Heard? we'll conclude our talk with Karlene Wigston from the Florida Panhandle, and hear about a growing tradition in her neighborhood that's growing the sense of community there. Hoping it sounds as awesome to you as it did to me! 


Feel free to offer any thoughts, reservations, or constructive insight for Have You Heard? at any time - either here or at our Facebook page - Have You Heard? on WSLR


Warmly, Arlen


The Monster will be made.

Maternally Yours: Musical Mamas

Join us Tuesday, October 28th as we talk to musical mamas Twinkle Yochim and Ari McManus about motherhood and music and listen to songs written by mamas for their children. Have a request? Please email us or post to our Facebook page.

"Yesterday's Dead Today", Monday, October 27th, 7-9pm

"There is NOTHING like a Grateful Dead Concert!"

I'll be posting full setlists from now on, so scroll down...and I will be posting the week's gig announcements as well, while my show's webpage remains down:

Grateful Dead
Radio City Music Hall
New York City, NY

October 27, 1980
Sennheiser 441 -> Cassette Master
Recorded By Jim Wise (center lodge)
All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller

Florida Caribe, Tue., Oct. 28, 9-10am

Baracoa is near the eastern tip of Cuba, too removed an area for any mass tourism. It's where the Carretera Central -- Cuba's main highway -- ends and begins. It's where Christopher Columbus first landed. It's the land of the disappeared Taino indigenous people. It's where Cuba is looking towards the sister island of Hispaniola, and a point of interaction with Haiti.
And Baracoa is home to a group of amazing artists.

Next on "Indigenous In Music with Larry Knudsen" this Saturday 3 to 5, October 25th 2014 R&B artist "Riah"

Host Larry Knudsen welcomes Riah to Indigenous in Music this Saturday at 4:00 eastern time.  Join us for a live interview.  Find out more about R&B artist Riah on the web at

Spirit of PUnk Halloween style

Spirit of Punk tonight, Oct. 23, 1914

9 - 11pm east coast time

6 - 8 pm west coast time


Halloween is the theme, Punk Rock Stlye

tune in 

The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 10/24/14

This week, Steve will be joined by Bradley Weinstock from United for Care, who is bringing Sue Taylor to talk about the many uses for medical marijuana. But first, Rhana Bazzini, Sarasota's own Granny D, will update us her walk to Tallahassee to promote fixing the influence of money in politics.

And speaking of politics and elections, Steve Spaulding (left) from Common Cause will be on to explain how the right to vote is still not guaranteed for all.


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