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Stratosphere..9 to 9:30 am..june 1

Join Stratosphere hosts for a conversation with Art Center Sarasota about the postdigital exhibit displayed in three galleries. This show highlights regional artists who are using technology to create their work or are incorporating technology as part of their work.

The Progressive Palace

Be Sure to join me, Phil Gee, for the next episode of The Progressive Palace! Tuesday , May 31 from Noon-2:00 pm!

This week's show will feature "Doubles Day", and I'll be playing a pair of songs from several of my ( and hopefully yours!!) progressive rock bands! Plus I'll be playing music by Curved Air, Alan Parsons Project,Jefferson Starship and more!

"Yesterday's Dead Today", Monday, May 30th, 7-9pm

"There is NOTHING like a Grateful Dead Concert!"

Full setlists and reviews, when possible, so scroll down...and  the week's gig
announcements as well...

Grateful Dead, Milwaukee Auditorium, Milwaukee, WI
May 30, 1980

Set 1: SBD -> ? -> 5th Gen Cassette
Set 2: SBD -> Master Cassette -> Reel -> Dat (48k)
Set 1 Transferred By Charlie Miller; Set 2 Transferred By Rob Eaton
All Mastering By Charlie Miller

The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 5-27-16

Following up his talk at Forgartyville last week for Florida Veterans for Common Sense, author and peace activist David Swanson (left) will join Steve and Lew to elaborate on the themes covered in his book War is a Lie and how we all can work toward a world without war.

And, Glen Gibellina will be on hand to report local news.

"Yesterday's Dead Today", Monday, May 23rd, 7-9pm

"There is NOTHING like a Grateful Dead Concert!"

Full setlists and reviews, when possible, so scroll down...and  the week's gig
announcements as well...

Grateful Dead, Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, CA

Wave To The Wind (Composers: Phil Lesh / Robert Hunter) was performed
just over 20 times by the Grateful Dead between February 1992 and December
1993. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard it before.

INDIE-licious - TONIGHT! Sat - May 21st - 9-11 PM

Tonight on INDIE-licious! 9-11 PM - Songs from some of my other favorite shows on WSLR. WSLR has the BEST shows and music! Seriously. Listen to sets inspired by:

The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 5-20-16

Changing laws governing elections and voter eligibility is one way to sway the results of said elections. Stephen Spaulding (left), general counsel for Common Cause in Washington D.C. is joining Steve and Lew this week to update us on some of those changes and their possible affects.

And, as usual several surreal news items from the past week will be reported after Glen Gibellina reports Manatee county and state news.

The Industrial Show

Tonight THE SPIRIT OF PUNK "The Industrial Show" 96.5 and wbpv 100.1 on your fm dial
9 - 11pm east coast
6 - 8pm west coast

Negativland, Chrome, Kraftwerk, Gnat Music, The Residents, Faust,
DNA, Mars, Alan Scarritt and Todd Colburn, Pyrolator, Tuxedomoon, This Heat, Rip Rig and Panic, Z'ev, Factrix, Joy Division, Diamanda Galas, Clock DVA, Monte Cazazza, Lou Reed, Captain Beefheart, Marilyn Manson (?), PiL and the list is still growing.... 
I dare you to tune in!!!!

The Progressive Palace

Tuesday May 17 th from Noon-2:00!

The only radio program in the Sarasota area dedicated to bringing you Progressive Rock music from the genre's most influential artists! Prog rock, Space rock, Art rock, Neo prog. If you love Progressive music, this is the show for you. I'm your host, Phil Gee, and this week we'll be hearing music from Rick Wakeman, Eloy, Porcupine Tree, Caravan, Tull, Nektar, DreamTheater and many many more! Be sure to tune in!!

Stratosphere Sarasota Wed May 18 9-9:30 am

Joe Long joins Stratosphere Sarasota Wed May 18 to discuss the Science Club of Sarasota.  Joe is also a patent attorney and a Sarasota Skeptic.

Stratosphere Sarasota features Science and Social Science topics with Co-hosts Nancy and Steven Norris.


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