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New Orleans Suspects and Radiators' Reggie Scanlan live call-in interview on Louisiana Gumbo Show

Live from New Orleans, Reggie Scanlan ,the bass player for the New Orleans Suspects and The Radiators will be on the Louisiana Gumbo Show at 7:30 pm this Sunday Night. We will discuss their new cd as well as their upcoming Florida tour which brings them to Ace's Live in Bradenton on April 5,2014.We will also have tickets courtesy of Renee' at Ace's to give away to the show.

TED'S HEAD March 27th

Indigenous in Music is GROWING, now heard on The Lakeshore 89.1

The Lakeshore 89.1 in Indiana will be adding Indigenous In Music with host Larry Knudsen to their Monday night line-up of global/world music.   Salute!  


89.1FM, "The Lakeshore" is Northwest Indiana's own listener supported public radio station, with in-depth local and world news, talk, sports and music, including the finest programming from NPR. 


The Surreal News 9-10 am Friday 3/28/14

Shortages of prescription drugs is becoming a real problem for patients and the doctors who are treating them. This week, Lew and Steve, will hear from Albany Medical College professor of Bioethics, Evelyn Tenenbaum (left) about what is causing the problem and what can be done.

Later in the show we will talk about  mitochondrial diseases, which damage the most basic building blocks of human bodies; the cells that make up all our various parts.

And, this week, once again yielded bushels of surreal news to report.

Diana Catherine Stops By For Friday Happy Hour

Diana Catherine is known across North America as a captivating performer. From her work with her band The Thrusty Tweeters to her own acclaimed solo career, she has defiantly made a mark on the music scene.  Diana will performing in benefit for WSLR this Saturday night along with her husband Berry Oakley Jr. and Bird Tribe.  Tune into the Friday Happy Hour at 4 pm and catch this rising star live in the WSLR studio.


The Breakfast Bar Survives Close Scrutiny By Committee

With Deep Appreciation, Your Host of The Breakfast Bar Gratefully Accepts The WSLR's Programming Committees' Recent "Thumbs Up".   Indeed, It's Quite An Honor To Be Acknowledged Amongst An Overflowing Abundance Of Quality Programming Heard Daily On Our Hometown Community Radio Station WSLR 96.5.  Tune In Friday Mornings 7 to 9am and See If You Agree With The Experts.  

Maternally Yours: Maxed Out Moms (and Waterbirth!)

Join the Conversation Tuesday, March 25th at 6pm ET as Laura and Ryan revisit our interview with Katrina Alcorn, author of Maxed Out: American Moms on the Brink. Weaving in surprising research about the dysfunction between the careers and home lives of working mothers, as well as the consequences to women’s health, Alcorn tells a deeply personal story about “having it all,” failing miserably, and what comes after.

Unbelievable Tombraider Show - DO NOT MISS IT!

Tune in tonight 11pm.  It's a Tombraider Show like you have never heard before.

It's Epic.


On The Red Couch – with Haley SCOTT DEMARIA, Notre Dame swimmer

Please join us on The Red Couch THIS SATURDAY, MARCH 29 AT 9:00 AM!!
The Red Couch is an Internet talk show created by Rachel Schaeffer featuring women and men who share their secrets for living a happy and successful life. Its mission is to inspire people to feel connected and to celebrate their power.


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