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Activist Calendar: July 14 – July 21

Written by on Sunday, July 16, 2023

Get up and shake up the world: here’s the Activist Calendar and a few leads for you to get involved next week.

By Diana Bregman

Original Air Date: July 14, 2023


Official Transcript

Johannes Werner: And now it’s your turn. Get up and shake up the world. Here’s Diana Bregman with the Activist Calendar and a few leads for you to get involved next week.

Host: This is Diana Bregman with your Activist Calendar for Friday, July 14. Harvest Sarasota is hosting the first annual Diverse Fest, presented by Project Pride on July 15. From 11am to 4pm. Sarasota is full of diversity and the festival will use this day to celebrate all people in our community, featuring local vendors, food trucks, live entertainment and fun for kids.

This family event will be held this Saturday, July 15 at Harvest House indoors in their new air conditioned facility called The Venue at 3650 17th Street in Sarasota. More information on the Saturday July 15 event can be found by emailing Cayla, that’s C-A-Y-L-A, at harvesthousecenters.com.

The Sarasota County Schools school board meeting will be held this Tuesday, July 18 from 3pm to 4pm at the School Board Chambers at 1980 Landings Boulevard in Sarasota. The July 18 meeting will begin at 3pm.

Fogartyville welcomes author H. H. Leonards for discussion on her book, “Rosa Parks: Beyond the Bus” on Monday, July 17 at 7pm. Miss Leonards will delve into her collection of personal stories and lessons gathered during the decade Miss Parks traveled with the author and stayed in her home, the mansion on O Street. More information and registration for the July 17 event at Fogartyville can be found under the Fogartyville tab at wslr.org.

This has been Diana Bregman with your Activist Calendar.


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