Basement Boxes / Eclectricity (Alternating Weeks)

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Thursday 2:00 pm 3:59 pm

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Eclectricity is hosted by Susan Runyan - her musical tastes are Eclectic!

Basement Boxes with Purple Mike airs on Alternating Weeks.  His musical tastes are eclectic too!
Basement Boxes – Hosted by Purple Mike Ecelectricity
Purple Mike plays through records that were bought between 1962 and maybe all the way to the 1980’s . Things that range from the Stones, Zappa, 10 Years After, Laurie Anderson, Leonard Cohen, Hubert Laws, Philip Glass, Keith Jarrett, Deep Purple, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, The Fugs, The Bonzo Dog Band, The Dark Bob, Biff Rose (that one cost 44 cents) Arthur Brown, CSN&Y, Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Steve Miller, Simon and Garfunkel and others. Purple Mike’s goal is to not play anything more than once except maybe The Fugs tune “When the Mood of the Music Changes. Blend of Rock, Blues, Soul, whatever moves us.. .. and all the local music… I can get my hands on.

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