Become an Underwriter Of Community Radio! 

Underwriting is a non-commercial acknowledgment of your business or Non-Profit’s support of WSLR+Fogartyville

Becoming an Underwriter is good for business, good for your image, and good for our community. 

  • Station Underwriting

Business and Non-Profit Supporters can target the placement of on-air acknowledgments around specific time segments, community interests, and specific programming.

Announcements will be scheduled at times that work best with the Business or Non-Profit Supporter’s request and our radio program schedule. Announcement preemption because of special programming, technical difficulties, etc. will be rescheduled at a similar time.


  • Event Underwriting for Non-Profits

WSLR offers event underwriting exclusively to non-profit organizations to promote concerts, workshops, and other activities in a low-cost, commercial-free environment. These announcements are limited to 20 seconds. They may include a description of the event, name of the sponsoring organization, time and location of the event, phone number and URL. Announcements may not include qualitative language, a call to action or event price.



WSLR is a commercial-free radio station, and therefore, we must adhere to FCC guidelines for permissible underwriting acknowledgments.  FCC rules do not permit calls to action; inducements to buy, sell, or lease; opinions or views; price information; promotions; comparative or qualitative verbiage; or support or opposition to any political candidate.  Your acknowledgment may include no more than 25 words describing the type of business and its location or address, telephone number, web address, brand or trade name of the product or service, value-neutral description of the product or service, historical information, a logogram or non-promotional slogan.  WSLR can create or suggest an acknowledgment for you – just ask.

  • Each block of underwriting acknowledgments purchased must be used within one year of the purchase date.
  • Underwriting acknowledgments begin with “Programming on WSLR is supported by our listeners, as well as by:” Following this phrase, underwriters may provide text up to 25 words long.  WSLR reserves the right to edit content to fit FCC guidelines.  We are happy to work with you on the content of your announcement.
  • A maximum of four underwriting acknowledgments per day.
  • All underwriting must be prepaid.

Individual Acknowledgments are $15 each for Businesses and $12 each for Nonprofits. Package pricing can be found in the link below.

Pricing & Application


 For more information about multiple announcements per day, call Jesse at 941-894-6469.

THANKS TO OUR CURRENT UNDERWRITERS!  See a list of current business and nonprofit partners here.


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