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Food Banks and Corporate America then Resilient Retreat on Peace & Justice, Weds., December 8 at 9am

Written by on Monday, December 6, 2021

This Wednesday, December 8 at 9am, we’ll play an interview Bob and I did last Friday with Andy Fisher of Big Hunger Andy is an activist, NGO consultant, and has worked as an adjunct professor at various universities in Oregon. His 2017 book, Big Hunger: The Unholy Alliance between Corporate America and Anti-Hunger Groups is a new vision for how to untangle corporate interests from food banks and the anti-hunger movement.

Then our guest will be Mandy O’Malley of Resilient Retreat, an organization which helps abuse survivors (e.g., domestic violence, sexual violence, child abuse, sex trafficking, stalking) and professionals that witness trauma in the workplace (e.g., police, fire fighters, advocates, medical professionals, teachers, many non-profit workers) heal from the impacts of trauma on the mind, body, and spirit. Programs include such things as equine therapy, neurofeedback, nutrition, massage, yoga, and support groups.