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This Wednesday, July 10 at 9am, we’ll talk to Chuck Collins of Inequality.org. Among other things, we’ll talk about the ways billionaires are disrupting our housing markets, democracy, and health, all the while shifting taxes onto you!

This Wednesday, July 3 at 9am, we’ll talk to Ron Turner, Sarasota County’s Supervisor of Elections. Then Bob will interview Jeff Siegel of Oxford House of Florida.

This Wednesday, June 26 at 9am, Bob will be talking with Deke Copenhaver, Mayor of Augusta, Ga from 2005 through 2014. Deke is a Changemaker, helping others realize the potential they have to be leaders in their community and their lives.

This Wednesday morning, June 19 at 9am, we’ll spend the hour discussing affordable housing with Jon Thaxton, Senior Vice President for Community Leadership at the Gulf Coast Community Foundation.

This Wednesday, June 12 at 9am on the Peace & Justice Report, we’ll talk to Martin Johnson, author of The Atheist’s Survival Guide – 35 Ways to Combat Religious Intolerance. Then we’ll talk to Joe Simonetta, author of the new book Be Healthy. Be Kind. Respect the Environment.

This Wednesday, June 5, at 9am, we’ll talk to Larry Tye, author of “The Jazzmen – How Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong and Count Basie Transformed America”. Then we’ll hear from Sandra Tapfumaneyi, Sarasota County’s emergency management chief, about hurricane preparedness.

This Wednesday at 9am we’ll talk to David Swanson, author of the new book with Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin Nato: What You Need to Know.

This Wednesday, May 15 at 9am, we’ll talk to Brad Wolf, editor of the new book A Ministry of Risk: Writings on Peace and Nonviolence by Philip Berrigan, peace activist and Catholic priest. Then Jon Thaxton talks about affordable housing.

This Wednesday, May 8 at 9am, we’ll talk to Ken Grossinger, author of Art Works – How Organizers and Artists Are Creating a Better World Together.

On Wednesday, May 1 at 9am, we’ll talk to Liz Barker, candidate for the Sarasota School Board, District Two. The election is August 20.