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Peace & Justice July 4 at 9am – Florida Report Card and Cathy Antunes

Written by on Friday, June 29, 2018

This Wednesday, July 4, we’ll interview Ray Seaman, Online Director of Progress Florida. He  just launched the People First Report Card – www.floridareportcard.com. It gives every Florida legislator a grade based on key votes about the economy, our public schools, our environment, our civil rights, reproductive freedom, gun safety and more. They also send out the Daily Clips of state and local news clips of interest to progressives.


In the second half of our show we’ll talk to Cathy Antunes, host of The Detail.  Her show debuts on WSLR Thursday July 5 at 9 a.m. Before this it aired on WSRQ FM and was rebroadcast on WSLR on Thursdays. Here’s what she wrote about her blog:

If you vote in Sarasota, FL, this blog provides The Detail to help you make informed local choices.   Ever walk into a voting booth, look at the local races, and feel like you didn’t know as much as you wanted to know?  Read The Detail and you’ll know more.  Don’t live or vote in Sarasota?  The Detail may be interesting to you for it’s information on local Florida politics.  As one recent transplant shared: “This place is like the wild west!”  Indeed.   If you like the content, be sure to follow my blog!