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Peace & Justice Wednesday 3/28 – Voting and Veterans

Written by on Monday, March 26, 2018

This Wednesday John Severini will explain our progress towards implementing ranked choice voting in Sarasota’s city elections. Go to ‭rankedchoicevoting.org to learn about RCV.


Next, ‭Paul Sullivan will share news about the impact of the current wars on our Veterans and families.

· Cost of War Project at Brown University
· Backlog of VA Disability Claim Appeals Hits 500,000


Paul is the Director of Veteran Outreach at Bergmann & Moore, a national law firm focusing only on VA disability claim appeals. He recently served as the Deputy Secretary of Communications at the California Department of Veterans Affairs. He worked as a project manager at VA headquarters in Washington, DC, where he monitored the healthcare use and claim activity of Gulf War, Afghanistan War, and Iraq War Veterans.

In his 25-year career advocating for Veterans, he served as the executive director at Veterans for Common Sense and executive director at the National Gulf War Resource Center. He testified dozens of times before Congress about Veteran benefits and care, and he frequently appears in the media advocating for fellow Veterans.

Paul was an Army cavalry scout in the 1st Armored Division during the 1991 Gulf War ground invasion. He completed his undergraduate degree in political science at West Georgia College, and his master’s certificate in project management at George Washington University.