Retro Cocktail Hour / Velvet Radio (Alternating Weeks)

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Thursday 7:00 pm 8:59 pm

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Retro Cocktail Hour: Swinging bachelor pad music, exotica, bossa nova and groovy movie soundtracks.

Elissa hosts Velvet Radio.

The Retro Cocktail Hour is a weekly hi-fi highball of vintage “bachelor pad” music, exotica, private eye jazz and eccentric, overstimulated pop music of the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s.

The show’s spiced with everything from obscure Italian B-movie soundtracks and bossa nova to contemporary bands like Don Tiki, the Tokyo Panorama Mambo Boys, Waitiki, the Tikiyaki Orchestra, the Italian Secret Service, Balanco and others.

Elissa hosts Velvet Radio on Alternating weeks.

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