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Written by on Thursday, June 4, 2020

Since the murder of George Floyd, many Black people in America have been sharing their experiences with racism. These stories are powerful and deserve to be heard. We at WSLR believe these stories can also help move people to change their thoughts and move people to action. We want to give these stories a space and allow them to be told in your own voice.

If you are Black and living in the U.S., and are willing to share your experiences with racism and even any consequences – please call 941-208-3515 to record your story(ies) in your own voice. You only need to leave your first name and the location of your story(ies). If you feel comfortable leaving your phone number or email on the message so that we may contact you, you may do that as well – though this is not required. We will play these stories on the radio. Thank you for sharing your story.