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Venice Interfaith Community Association, then New College Black History Month – Peace & Justice Report, Feb. 6 at 9am

Written by on Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Tomorrow we’ll have as a guest Shirley Bascom of the Venice Interfaith Community Association. She’ll tell us about their series of events this month “American Racism – Yours, Mine and Ours.”

There are three events left in the series:

February 11: Building the Beloved Community
with Rev. Dr. Marvin McMickle

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s prescription for a healthy society was based on justice, equality, and love. How do we apply those ideals in today’s fractured and fearful world to build the community that Dr. King envisioned?

February 18: Racial Healing: An Inner and Outer Journey
with Dr. Catherine Meeks

The essence of healing our racial divisions comes from transformation of our inner thoughts, conscious and unconscious, and our outward actions. How do we build mutually respectful and healthy relationships across racial and ethnic lines?

February 25: What We Believe Matters: A Bonhoeffer Moment
with Dr. Lori Brandt Hale

Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German pastor, bravely spoke truth to power in resisting Nazism and was eventually executed for his actions. What does Bonhoeffer’s life teach us today about speaking out against injustice and acting on our beliefs?

After that sociology Professor Queen Mecca Zabriske and history Professor Brendan Goff will talk about the many activities scheduled at New College to celebrate Black History Month. Click HERE to see those events. They include three films in the African Diaspora Film Festival.