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10-01-18 The Critical Times Monday 9:30 AM

Written by on Monday, October 1, 2018

From WSLR 96.5 LP-FM, this is the Critical Times. I’m Giulia Heyward and, for the next half hour, we’ll be reporting on local politics and grassroots activism, all happening in your backyard. The General Election is on November 6th. We’re talking with some of those names that you’ll see on that ballot. Republican candidate, Ray Pilon, is running against Democratic candidate, Margaret Good for the District 72 seat. We had both candidates in our studio to talk about their campaign. Meanwhile, in the race for the District 73 seat are Democratic candidate, Liv Coleman, and Republican candidate, Tommy Gregory. Lastly, running for the District 74 seat, are Republican candidate, James Buchanan, and Democratic candidate, Tony Mowry. But first, we have Dennis Maley, a familiar name if you’re a fan of the Bradenton Times, giving us his Manatee News Update. It’s all coming up very soon!