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All Request Show tonight

Written by on Thursday, December 29, 2016

SPIRIT OF PUNK tonight 12-29-16 on www.wslr.org or 96.5fm
The ALL Requests Show
9-11pm east coast
6-8pm west coast

playlist chosen by : jackie Jackie Sharp, Andrea Mazzocchetti, Andy Average, Bill Stoner, Alan Scarritt, Justin Corella, Sven Frackelton, Donna Cie, Harley Dickerson, Carlos Iglesias, Joe Target Rees
Sven Frackelton (a few times), Janet Ogg, Hunter Oswald
Jerome T Youngman, Jill Hoffman-kowal, Dennis Kowal, Jane Hoffman, Judith Bell Javier Escovedo and more to follow, G…. IT’S FUN! bands include: Flipper Minutemen, Avengers, Gang of Four, F-Word, Fishbone, Bikini Kill, Slits,

Klaus nomi, The Germs, The Damned Frank Sinatra, Klaus Flouride, The Replacements, Noh Mercy, MDC, Frightwig, mUtAnT pReSs, Asexuals, Lydia Lunch Lou Reed/VU, Harry Nilsson, Sex Pistols, Warthog, Lou Reed Live…..