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Ismael Rivera y sus Cachimbos, Reve y su Charangon, Orquesta Ritmo Oriental y la Orquesta Riverside con Tito Gomez! A trip down memory lane on the next LATIN EXPLOSION, From the 1950’s to the 1980’s and from Havana and Oriente to New York City. Friday January 28 7-9AM Eastern, and on the radio, WSLR […]

Abelardo, Richie, Bobby, Pupi, Puerto Rico All Stars and more in the next Latin Explosion! 7-9AM Eastern, Friday January 21 NEW! You can listen to LATIN EXPLOSION at different times and days on about a dozen Pacifica radio affiliates around the U.S. that now carry the show. Stream this program anytime until February 3. […]

60s and Psychedelic-inspired music of today with Alecia, your host. and 96.5 on your radio dial, 7 a.m.

This Wednesday at 9am we’ll interview Amy Weintraub from Progress Florida and Floridians for Reproductive Freedom. Amy will give us an update on the Florida bills pending to restrict abortion and also information about such things as the many fake clinics, the abortion pill available by mail, and where to find help. And since it’s the third […]

“They’re not the best at what they do… they are the ONLY ONES who do what they do!” Grateful Dead New Haven Coliseum, New Haven, CT January 17, 1979 SBD > Cassette Master (Sony D5) > Cassette (Sony D5) All Mastering By Charlie Miller Disc 1 – Set 1: 1. Bobby announces cancellation on 11/25/78 […]

Please join me for the MLK Day Special. …a snappy variety of music related to the man and the past and ongoing Civil Rights Movement plus stories from my recent trip to Birmingham and Montgomery, Alabama civil rights museums and memorials.  Fear not, it will be entertaining and uplifting as well as sad and solemn.

On Tuesday, January 11th from 11:03 a.m. until 1:00p.m. EST we will be celebrating our third year on the air. Listen live on WSLR 96.5 Sarasota and WBPV 100.1 Bradenton, on the free app and also for two weeks on the archives We will be playing a bit of everything that we have presented […]

This Wednesday the Peace & Justice Report we’ll first host members of the Sarasota Unitarian Universalist Social Justice Committee. Patricia Allen will speak about their history, how they advocate for issues and about the various issues they have advocated for since their start in 2019. She’ll also speak to their interest in Newtown. Jessica Traiger will speak about the […]

“They’re not the best at what they do…they are the ONLY ONES who do what they do!” Phil Lesh & Friends “Dead Of Winter” Terrapin Crossroads Bar, San Rafael, CA January 10, 2017 Neumann KMF 4i >Tascam DR-40 (96-24) Right side, 2nd row DR-40 > USB > Sound Forge 6 (16/44) > CD Wave (tracks) […]

Lazaro Ros is a singer, but more than that, an Akpuon lead singer. The choral response, or Ankori, is done by all present. Melodies and words of ancient origin sung in an archaic form of Yoruban. “CANTOS”, Lazaro Ros con Mezla (1992) is the CD we are featuring this Friday, January 7. The Interview is […]

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