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Written by on Sunday, September 9, 2018

I would first like to address the loss the WSLR family has had with the passing of Eve Prang Plews. My respect isn’t easily given, but Eve’s charter and actions got it in spades over the years. Rest in peace, Eve.

This is week’s show is going to be like no prep racing. Been busy as $#!* this week . House/dog sitting, starting new hot rod build, trying to learn video editing…, and going to see the Supersuckers Tuesday night at the Brass Mug. So like no prep racing I am running what I brung. As in two boxes of 45’s and no play list. These are my favorite shows to do. Either a blaze of glory with a 45 in either hand or I am up in flames and into the wall. Tune in and you decide which .

Things that turns my crank this week!
Suicide Prevention Day Sept. 10th
Supersuckers 30th Anversery Tour show Tues. at the Brass Mug
– It is never to early to start planning for Halloween fun!
Lucero at the Ritz on the 23rd!
Double Crown Records! Look for their stuff as thank you gifts this coming marathon in Oct.(these and other HotRodRock exclusives)
-race your car or motorcycle all day for $15 bucks on a fast 1/4 mile track at Bradenton Motorsports!
The Hound Dogs podcast!
WFMU Ichiban (It will change how you listen to music)
Packers V/S Bears Opening day!

Here is some videos I have been watching this week.

Want more ? Tune in Wed..