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Mama Bears then Booker Law Academy on Peace & Justice, Wednesday March 15 at 9am.

Written by on Monday, March 13, 2023

This Wednesday at 9am our guest will be Daresha Kyi, director of the film Mama Bears. Mama Bears is a feature-length documentary that explores the many ways in which the lives of conservative, Christian mothers are impacted and utterly transformed when they decide to affirm and advocate on behalf of their LGBTQ children. As members of a private Facebook group—which they call the “mama bears” because of the fierceness with which its members fight for their offspring’s rights—they offer one another support and understanding in the struggle to overcome the teachings of their evangelical churches. The film will be shown at Fogartyville on Tuesday, March 21 at 7pm. It’ll also be on the PBS series Independent Lens on June 20th.

Then we’ll hear our regular “third Wednesday” segment Justice Matters by Legal Aid of Manasota.They’ll talk about the Booker High School Law Academy with program coordinator Ryan Kelley and Adria Jensen, Chair of the local bar association’s Council on Diversity and Inclusion. Additional guests will be Booker students Tatiana Alvarado and Laila Ward. The Booker Law Academy provides students with a rigorous academic program in conjunction with course work in Law Studies and Criminal Justice.